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Former Giant Markus Golden Cut by Arizona

Mark from Jersey : 3/11/2023 9:04 pm
per CBS Sports.
Link - ( New Window )
Giants should not have traded him if they didn’t have a good  
Ivan15 : 3/11/2023 9:47 pm : link
Replacement. They could have used that production in 2020 and 2021. He wasn’t the strongest or quickest but he could get the job done.
Wouldn’t mind him at the  
JoeyBigBlue : 3/11/2023 11:16 pm : link
Vet minimum
The guy is a pass rush specialist...  
sb from NYT Forum : 3/11/2023 11:33 pm : link of course Patrick Graham used him in run support.
Would be more  
joeinpa : 3/12/2023 10:03 am : link
Interested in Floyd. But seeing the difference Ojulari made, and given his inability to stay on the field, this is a big area of need
He got a bit of a raw deal  
Bobby Humphrey's Earpad : 3/12/2023 11:22 am : link
He was a professional and gave max effort. Definitely would take him back as a situational pass rusher given Ojulari's injuries.
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