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NFL Network doing a day early LIVE FA Frenzy show now

jvm52106 : 3/12/2023 3:05 pm
And lots of stuff being discussed and shared. Rodgers watch in full effect. Btw I cannot stand Maurice Jones Drew as a commentator as he is constantly talking over people, has some really stupid takes on situations and players and just comes off as a guy who seems to try too hard and thinks too highly of himself.

They did do a top 5 FA to team landing place (guess) and Jakobi Meyer to NYG was their #1 spot.
Jones Drew has always been absolutely awful  
bLiTz 2k : 3/12/2023 3:45 pm : link
BigBlueinDE : 3/12/2023 3:55 pm : link
the money, I suspect.
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