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NFT: Ch......Ch..........Ch.........Changes

Y28 : 3/13/2023 12:21 pm
Good afternoon all.

Earlier today, Eric was kind enough to change my user name from YANKEE28 to a simpler Y28.

And no more CAPITAL letters to make readers think I am shouting

And know celebrating 75 years as Giants season ticket holders (since 1948)

Enjoy Free Agency everyone

Lets Go Giants !!!
You're one of BBI's finest!  
Anakim : 3/13/2023 12:22 pm : link
We're lucky we have you
Y28 : 3/13/2023 12:24 pm : link
I always enjoy your Giants and Rangers posts.

Don't have them any longer, but was a partial season ticket holder at the old Garden in the early 70s.
That's amazing  
pjcas18 : 3/13/2023 12:27 pm : link
If you were a season ticket holder in 1948, are you in your 90's?

or did I misread that
Y28 : 3/13/2023 12:30 pm : link
my Dad got the tickets in '48. Didn't attend my first Giants game until '62.

Retired ? YES
In my 90s? NO !!
You are one of the best posters we have  
JerseyCityJoe : 3/13/2023 12:34 pm : link
You can shout all you want.
Good stuff  
allstarjim : 3/13/2023 12:35 pm : link
And agreed, great member of our community!
Good to know, and  
FranknWeezer : 3/13/2023 12:52 pm : link
always grateful for your contributions on BBI!
RE: No  
Brown_Hornet : 3/13/2023 12:55 pm : link
In comment 16061731 Y28 said:
my Dad got the tickets in '48. Didn't attend my first Giants game until '62.

Retired ? YES
In my 90s? NO !!
2 good reasons to shout there!
Thanks for letting us know  
Jay on the Island : 3/13/2023 12:56 pm : link
I always called you Y28 anyway because I am lazy.
JohnG in Albany : 3/13/2023 12:58 pm : link
I like the Bowie reference.
RE: You are one of the best posters we have  
HopePhil and Optimistic : 3/13/2023 3:12 pm : link
In comment 16061743 JerseyCityJoe said:
You can shout all you want.

+1 when I scan BBI for new threads I always open yours first, knowing I’m about to read something interesting and unique.
Chris in Philly : 3/13/2023 3:15 pm : link
on the new name!
Professor Falken : 3/13/2023 3:33 pm : link
Because we like you!
Named Later : 3/13/2023 3:35 pm : link
Got it. And thanks for all you do. I never thought you were shouting.....just a proud Yankee fan.

So which #28 was it ?? Sparky ??
Hey, don't tell him  
section125 : 3/13/2023 3:47 pm : link
he's one of our best posters. It will go straight to his head and then he will change his name....

Well, alright he is one of the good ones on both Giants and Yankees threads...
Named Later  
Y28 : 3/13/2023 3:52 pm : link
it was never a player, but rather a team goal.

Over the years on BBI I have been YANKEE26, YANKEE27, and YANKEE28.

Hope to change my handle to Y29 this November
Wow, 75 years  
Hammer : 3/13/2023 10:00 pm : link
You rock!

And, Rock on!!
RE: And...  
Milton : 3/13/2023 10:27 pm : link
In comment 16061793 JohnG in Albany said:
I like the Bowie reference.
Thanks for the heads-up  
Chocco : 3/14/2023 8:34 am : link
Wouldn't want to miss one of your posts, always so much good info
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