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Summary of Monday's NYG roster moves

Eric from BBI : Admin : 3/14/2023 7:46 am
- Giants re-signed P Jamie Gillan
- Giants re-signed LS Casey Kreiter
- OC Nick Gates signed with Commanders
- Giants re-signed OG Wyatt Davis
- Giants signed NT Rakeem Nunez-Roches (Buccaneers)
- Giants re-signed RB Matt Breida
- Giants signed ILB Bobby Okereke (Colts)
Not a bad 1st day.....any rough estimate of remaining cap space?  
George from PA : 3/14/2023 8:27 am : link
I feel good about the Lber....I am a little concern about the DT......
Here are posts from  
Y28 : 3/14/2023 8:38 am : link
Nick Korte, who has proven to have the best predictive model for next years Comp Picks.

Regarding the Giants 3 moves to date:

Nick Korte
A $5.5M APY contract for Nick Gates departing to division rival DC should mean a 6th round 2024 compensatory pick on the board to the Giants.

Nick Korte
The Bucs get on the 2024 compensatory picks board with a borderline 6th/7th round pick for the departure of Rakeem Nunez-Roches to the Giants.

Nick Korte
Signing Bobby Okereke removes the Giants' 2024 compensatory pick for the departure of Nick Gates for the time being, and gets the Colts on the board with a 5th rounder.
Good start  
Rjanyg : 3/14/2023 8:39 am : link
DT and LB additions are huge.

I wonder if we will see the rumored trade for a WR?

Did you mentioned Shepard coming back?
RE: Not a bad 1st day.....any rough estimate of remaining cap space?  
Pepe LePugh : 3/14/2023 8:55 am : link
In comment 16062877 George from PA said:
I feel good about the Lber....I am a little concern about the DT......

Haven’t seen any breakdowns, and wouldn’t be surprised if nothing is announced until deals can be registered with the league tomorrow. A few teams still not cap compliant for new league year. Feels good not being in that situation anymore.
I like the moves made  
OlyWABigBlue : 3/14/2023 9:15 am : link
Part of that stems from the PTSD of the roster triage we had to do last year. What I like is that the FO is building a roster, even though it may not be as complete or the quality desired, that allows them on focusing on getting the best available players in the draft without positional panic moves (see past regimes). After the past 5-8 years, it is really unusual to see a coherent plan.

As far as signing our own guys (outside of DJ and potentially SB), its been relatively small dollars and it certainly creates a culture that hopefully translates to other players viewing the Giants as a positive or desired destination where they are rewarded on performance.
Obvious immediate focus on improving run defense  
mfsd : 3/14/2023 9:33 am : link
Which is vital to compete with Dallas and Philly. Nice to have a front office that has a clue.
Duggan - How does Bobby Okereke fit in Giants defense?  
US1 Giants : 3/14/2023 9:37 am : link
Okereke is a first-generation American as the son of Nigerian parents. An Eagle Scout, Okereke attended Stanford, where he succeeded former Giant Blake Martinez at inside linebacker.

This is the type of move Schoen forecast. Okereke is a major upgrade at a position of great need, but it’s not a top-of-the-market deal. The Giants have too many holes to overspend at one position, so they need to continue spreading money to patch their weaknesses.

The Athletic - ( New Window )
Eric from BBI : Admin : 3/14/2023 10:06 am : link
Rakeem Nunez-Roches | 2021-2022 Season Highlight Mix | Tampa Bay Buccaneers - ( New Window )
Eric from BBI : Admin : 3/14/2023 10:14 am : link
can see the athleticism/coverage skills here... and this is from 2020-21.

Bobby Okereke 2020-2021 Highlights - ( New Window )
US1 Giants : 3/14/2023 11:39 am : link
Contract details for Giants DL Rakeem Nunes-Roches, per source: 3 years, $12M with $7.5M guaranteed, including a $4.3M signing bonus.

Cap hits should be:
2023: $2.6M
2024: $4.3M
2025: $5.0M

$2M of his $2.9M salary in 2024 is guaranteed for injury at signing. That $2M becomes fully guaranteed if he's on the roster on the 5th day of the 2024 league year.

So, Giants can get out after this year with $2.9M dead money if they want. But essentially a two-year, $8.4M deal.

A trade  
PaulN : 3/14/2023 11:53 am : link
For Jerry Jeudy for a 2nd and 7th would really do the trick for me. They do this and we have improved the team in the area's that were a must. We can address running back, inside offensive lineman, and wide reciever in this draft easily. But at least with Hodgins and Jeudy we would have a decent set of outside recievers. My guess is Shepherd us tge slot early with Robinson taking over later in the season. But I could still see us signing a lower free agent and adding another in the draft, or just adding 2 in the draft even if we add Jeudy. I think adding Jeudy ends Slayton's career here though. But I think the Jeudy trade is critical.
PaulN : 3/14/2023 11:54 am : link
Also cornerback can be addressed in this draft. I assume in round 1.
I wouldn't trade for anyone  
gtt350 : 3/14/2023 12:00 pm : link
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