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NFT: NCAAW Tournament - For any that follow

Jim in Forest Hills : 3/17/2023 8:52 am
Do we need a tourney this year? Will South Carolina steamroll everyone? We've seen it before, and they are stacked top to bottom. Plus they are super physical.

Indiana - can they hang with USC?

Iowa has Clark and a well rounded team but can they defend inside or out rebound?

UCONN, Fudd is back but without Beuckers, dont think they have enough.

STanford is talented but seems a step down, can Brink and Hailey get it done again?

Got to see VaTech play I haven't seen a game and they are a #1 seed.

Let's go UVM!  
Bold Ruler : Mod : 3/17/2023 9:00 am : link
Perfect day for a bracket buster in Storrs.
Huge UCONN fan,  
Joe in CT : 3/17/2023 9:40 am : link
if UCONN advances they might have enough with Fudd, depends on how the front line girls play, Dorka needs to play her best and Lou needs to provide good amount of OFF with her mid ranger jumper. Otherwise I think South Carolina win's their 2nd title in a row.
RE: Let's go UVM!  
jvm52106 : 3/17/2023 10:44 am : link
In comment 16068140 Bold Ruler said:
Perfect day for a bracket buster in Storrs.

Go Hokies!  
DCGMan : 3/17/2023 11:10 am : link
South Carolina will lose  
CT Charlie : 3/17/2023 9:59 pm : link
only if they have a major injury or get in serious foul trouble against a good opponent. Aliyah is too savvy to pick up dumb fouls, though, unless she's facing ticky-tack refs or she's exhausted from poor sleep, bad food, or a virus.
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