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“All in” already? Consider Marcus Peters, CB, at $9.8?

TY in CT : 3/17/2023 6:18 pm
Some here at BBI have suggested the Giants are already making the SB push … now/today. Despite our success getting to the playoffs, my feelings are the Giants are still ramping up. That said, are you confident with the potential CB’s in house? If not, how bad are we at CB #2? If we are looking to draft a CB at 1 or 2 or 3 … would FA Marcus Peters age 30 at ~ $9.8 (market value per Spotrac) make any sense on a 1yr/short term deal? Personally, I would rather devote any additional FA $ to OL if it makes sense.
Note- be kind. First time poster, long time lurker. Thanks.
Not confident at all...  
bLiTz 2k : 3/17/2023 6:24 pm : link
It'll be nice for Robinson to stay healthy, or to see Flott take a jump and be a viable option outside -- but it's too important of a position to take that kind of chance.

The Giants will certainly add there, of that I have no doubt...I just don't think it'll be with a "name" free agent.

I think they draft a kid, possibly in round 1, and add a vet late in the process (like Logan Ryan).

Curious to see what Peters ultimately signs close to 10mil on a 1 year deal I'd do it in a heartbeat. We'll see what happens.
TY in CT : 3/17/2023 6:34 pm : link
Is Peters too much$ for that additional vet?
What’s interesting is that we haven’t seen Williams or  
eric2425ny : 3/17/2023 6:36 pm : link
Jackson extended yet to reduce their cap hit in 2023
Peters played for Wink . . . .  
ThorSavage87 : 3/17/2023 6:46 pm : link
. . . . which is a plus. Personally I'd like to see them sign a vet for a more affordable contract and draft 2 CBs if we keep our 10 picks. I'm ok with Fabian Moreau coming back at the vet min too.

I like these guys in the draft (somewhere in the first 3 rounds):

Deonte Banks - Maryland
Cam Smith - South Carolina
Julius Brents - Kansas St
Kelee Ringo - Georgia
Terell Smith - Minnesota
DJ Turner - Michigan

Lots of options in the draft!
RE: What’s interesting is that we haven’t seen Williams or  
Big Blue '56 : 3/17/2023 6:47 pm : link
In comment 16068973 eric2425ny said:
Jackson extended yet to reduce their cap hit in 2023

They’ll do that when they need to. As we’ve seen, first things first. They pretty much had to act rather quickly once FA started. I’m sure they’ll circle back to the in-housers
Big Blue has it right  
Chip : 3/17/2023 7:08 pm : link
Jackson and Williams need to happen first. They need extensions to bring down there cap number. Both are deserving in my opinion.
Peters is not  
JB_in_DC : 3/17/2023 7:25 pm : link
The guy you risk big money on it you want Smart Tough Dependable.
I'd love to sign Peters!  
Fishmanjim57 : 3/17/2023 7:44 pm : link
But I want CC too!
Only people who don’t know what the hell they are looking at  
eli4life : 3/17/2023 8:00 pm : link
Everyone else knows a lot of work needs to happen to this roster and the group who was cheaply filling in the open spots over achieved
If you can get him  
David B. : 3/19/2023 3:39 pm : link
for $9.8 dollars, go for it.
Peters would possibly be a bridge CB  
CornerStone246+17 : 3/19/2023 5:19 pm : link
Signed to a 1-2 year type deal. Then we draft another CB high and continue to evaluate the young Corner high draft picks on the roster (Flott/A-Rob).

He will I think be 2 years removed from the ACL injury and should have his full quick twitch movement back now and explosion
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