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NFT: Springsteen in Greensboro, NC last night

rnargi : 3/26/2023 9:42 am
If you're going to see him on this tour, despite the cost, he and the mighty E Street Band is still at the top of their game. Crowd was older as you'd expect, but plenty of cross generational attendance. Interestingly, the croud was raucous. 100 percent on fire all night.

No banter between songs, Bruce just counted the 18 member band in and away they went. Cool moments were his telling of his first band and how he's the only one left before a solo rendition of Last Man Standing.

Song highlights for me were Kitty's Back...jazzy horns throughout. The Rising, just so emotional. Wrecking Ball (Go Giants!), and Ghosts. E Street Shuffle and 10th Ave were also stellar.

If you're going, it's a party. We met couples from all over the world, and an impromptu after party at our hotel was like communion. You will love it.
Also wanted to mention  
rnargi : 3/26/2023 9:54 am : link
That I have no idea how Max can possibly have the stamina and power he has. Amazing.
Last time I saw him at Gillette  
pjcas18 : 3/26/2023 10:09 am : link
he changed the lyrics of wrecking ball to say ".. and the Patriots played their games"

I booed. lol. Not sure anyone else even noticed.
Last night was awesome  
Larry from WV : 3/26/2023 1:11 pm : link
It was my first time seeing him live. My wife who is not a Bruce fan came away saying it was the best concert she had ever been to.

The highlight for me was obviously Thunder Road, but the whole thing was amazing. Really friendly fans too, I've been to Fleetwood Mac, Counting Crows, and many others and I never had so many easy conversations with fans of the artist.
My first Bruce show was 47.5 years ago  
WillieYoung : 3/26/2023 3:29 pm : link
You never forget it and you will never be the same😎. My most recent Bruce show was Thursday in Buffalo. When Giants roamed the earth got a smattering of boos. Bills fans have long memories!
RE: Last time I saw him at Gillette  
Route 9 : 3/26/2023 3:42 pm : link
In comment 16075562 pjcas18 said:
he changed the lyrics of wrecking ball to say ".. and the Patriots played their games"

I booed. lol. Not sure anyone else even noticed.

I went to the Killers concert in Philly directly after that loser Matt Ryan and the biggest loser franchise ever (Atlanta Falcons) gave the Eagles a playoff victory in 2018. They kept doing their Eagles chant all night long and I said a bunch of expletives and strangely enough there were 3 or 4 dudes around me who were Eagle haters as well.
Heading to Capital One Arena  
Someguy1978 : 3/27/2023 7:40 pm : link
now to see him in DC tonight.
Appreciate the review  
mfsd : 3/27/2023 8:07 pm : link
Taking my wife next Monday night at Barclays Center. Will be my 13th time seeing him live I think, sad to think may not be many more chances
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