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NFT: Rhodes trip upcoming

TJ : 3/27/2023 2:15 pm
Traveling to Rhodes from 5/12-5/21.
Ixian hotel is on the northwest coast probably under 10 minute drive to Rhodes town.

We already figure to spend some time in the medieval part of Rhodes town, my wife has already booked a trip to the opposite side of the island to Lindos, and I think we're fishing or ocean-kayaking or both. A visit to an acropolis somewhere on the island (maybe as part of the Lindos trip?) and to an archaeological museum is in the plans.

Anybody have a recommendation for the trip? A restaurant or anything on the island that struck you? The island is pretty small we should be able to visit any part of it pretty easily. I wanted to go to turkey on a day trip but not sure if that will happen. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Theres a beach or bay  
give66 : 3/27/2023 2:50 pm : link
Where they filmed the Guns of Navarone, You can see the hill where the guns were stationed in the movie. We had a nice lunch there. Some excellent views and picture-taking opportunities.
ColHowPepper : 3/27/2023 4:41 pm : link
The island is pretty small we should be able to visit any part of it pretty easily.

It may look small on a map of the Aegean or SE Mediterranean but it will not feel small when you get there. You'll be driving in modestly powered vehicles on narrow and hilly roads, so the KM distances between points will feel and take longer than they look on a map. I spent 7 weeks on Samos back in the late 70s--that island was adversely affected by its success--and it's a lot smaller than Rhodes, many hours to get from one coastline to the other side of the island. Find off the beaten track towns in the interior to find a truer Rhodes. Have a great trip!
Go to the Acropolis / Castle in Rhodes  
ArcadeSlumlord : 3/27/2023 11:00 pm : link
bring good gripping shoes. Go see the butterflies.
Hey TJ  
Festina Lente : 3/28/2023 10:16 am : link
I think you've done very well to choose Rodos as it's a wonderful island full of things to do.

I would've recommended staying a few days in the old Town bedbugs it had many beautiful old architechture and restaurants etc and places to see.

Lindos is good for a day trip but i sourness have stayed there for longer. That coast has a good number of nice beaches e.g. Agathi Beach

The number one recommendation i have is to rent a car and see Monolithos on the west coast of the islsnd. It is breathtaking and was the highlight of my time there. You need to see the old castle at sunset.
We stayed in thomas hotel (wish i could've stayed longer) but limeri is also popular (and had a good restaurant). I spent 2 days there and then drove back to the airport in the morning. I used port Rhodes rent a car on the port of old town picked up the car from their and returned to airport.

This website is also helpful for planning:

I hope you enjoy your trip.
Sorry for the typos. Should have previewed it first  
Festina Lente : 3/28/2023 10:18 am : link
* bedbugs = because
*sourness = wouldn't have
Don't do turkey btw  
Festina Lente : 3/28/2023 10:21 am : link
Not worth it for day trip.
Greek islsnd are better and all the best stuff in turkey is not easily accessible from rhodes. If you are really interested in a daytrip excursion you can do Symi islsnd boat trip.
pjcas18 : 3/28/2023 11:21 am : link
where we're going we don't need Rhodes

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