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NFT: Bono to Bozo Dubbed Over?

Lafferty, Daniel : 3/30/2023 4:47 pm
One of my co-workers showed me this. I guess it's like a viral video where Bozo dubs over? It seems like Bozo did the dub.
Hopefully Coach Daboll does not dub over in the film room like this!

Bozo did the dub? - ( New Window )
He's way cooler than Bono  
robbieballs2003 : 3/30/2023 4:56 pm : link
RE: He's way cooler than Bono  
j_rud : 3/30/2023 5:39 pm : link
In comment 16078729 robbieballs2003 said:

Much bigger too. At least 110 courics.
more cowbell : 3/30/2023 7:37 pm : link
Did you make this last night so you would have a video to post?
What? No Bozo did it, it’s his voice.  
Lafferty, Daniel : 3/30/2023 7:59 pm : link
It’s him saying what he wanted to say on the show now.
did anyone see the PFT article about the same  
jvm52106 : 3/31/2023 11:27 am : link
thing? How about this last line in the article:

So, yeah, Daboll is and will be more rock star than clown. If there’s any makeup to be applied, it’ll be in the design not of Bozo or Eric but of Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley.

Hmm did he mean Eric of BBI (who made the clown look attached to the Giants management and coaching staff a thing in 2021 and Jan 2022)? HMMMMMMM
Link - ( New Window )
RE: What? No Bozo did it, it’s his voice.  
more cowbell : 3/31/2023 3:00 pm : link
In comment 16078853 Lafferty, Daniel said:
It’s him saying what he wanted to say on the show now.

I don't know. I feel like it makes more sense that a different guy dubbed over it
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