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Transcript: WR Jalin Hyatt

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/28/2023 11:35 pm
Third Round Selection WR Jalin Hyatt

April 28, 2023

Q. What was this draft experience like for you? Did you expect to still be on the board in the third round? What have the last two nights been like?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, you know, definitely something where you're just waiting for your name to be called. Really for me, I don't care where it was, what round, what team. I just wanted to be on team. New York came and they really blessed me and my family and I'm forever grateful for it and I just can't wait to do what I have to do when I get there and meet my new teammates. Get there and be competitive and do what I have to do.

Q. Given your speed, how dangerous of a deep threat are you?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I feel like I’m probably the best deep threat receiver in the draft. I really do believe that, and Giants they really got a playmaker, they got a dynamic playmaker, an explosive playmaker – and that's what I want to bring and add to the team.

Q. Is there part of you that always spends time wanting to show that you're more than what the speed game is in your arsenal?

JALIN HYATT: Oh, yeah, yes, sir. Yes, sir. I mean, I love it when I'm counted out and the Giants, they took a chance on me. So, I'm forever grateful but at the same time, I know now it's time to put in the work and now I know it's time to go. Like I said, I was never picked first for anything. I'm grateful for the Giants giving me an opportunity and I can't wait to go and show and do what I have to do.

Q. Some scouting reports have mentioned your size and slender build as a possible concern and can you hold up in the NFL, is the question. What's your response to that?

JALIN HYATT: Like I said, that's something that I feel comfortable in. Now I'm around 188, 189, getting to where I want to get to my goal weight of 190. I still have a lot of things to work on but at the same time, definitely work on that with the Giants and I definitely know what I can do and what I'm capable of it and what type of player that I am. I really believe the Giants added somebody who can change the game and I can't wait to do that and show that.

Q. What do you think you can get up to weight-wise?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I want to play at 190. I want to play at 190 this year, something I'm now feeling comfortable around just gaining weight and being in the weight room and doing a lot of work after the pro day. I'm really pleased with where I am now as far as training and I can't wait to go to the Giants, I can’t wait to move and get the show moving.

Q. What did you play on last year?

JALIN HYATT: I played at around 175, 176.

Q. How much do you know about (Quarterback) Daniel Jones and how do you think your game will mesh with his?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, Daniel, he already texted me. I can already tell he's the leader of the team. Like I said, by the time I get up there, that's one of the first things I'm going to meet with to understand what he does, what he likes in games, what his best throws, what's he wants me to do for him. I think when you build that connection with a quarterback, you can go as far as you want to go.

Like I said, I'm going to be consistent, I'm going to be consistent in the facility and meeting with him and doing what he wants me to do for him, because I'm here to help him out. That’s why I can't wait to do it.

Q. One of the questions is how the offense you play in college for wide receiver, the transition to the NFL, like when you look at NFL games or what you'll be asked to do, how different do you think it will be?

JALIN HYATT: We did run a little different things offense, but at the same time, I played in pro-style offense before. It's not like I always play spread my whole – I’ve played pro-style offense. I understand what I have to do and the roles to it.

But you know, that will be something that I will consistently learn from the playbook, from my old playbook, and I just can’t wait for the journey.

Q. What does it take to score five touchdowns in a game against Alabama and what do you think that did for you?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, you know what it takes for that, you have to be consistent. You have to be consistent getting open and I really believe that's one thing I'm very consistent on. When I get to the league, I want to be consistent in getting open and be consistent in the quarterback trusting me and making plays. That's what I'm here for, so just here to show consistency, show a guy that's willing to work, show a guy that's hard worker but at the same time ready to prove his moment.

Q. Were you aware the Giants GM Joe Schoen was at that game?

JALIN HYATT: He told me. I wasn't aware at first. I think when we went out to dinner or something, he told me about. It's just crazy, you know how much Tennessee brings and a lot of people that comes to the games. I never thought a person, a guy like that will be at the game and later on down the road he'll draft me. It's crazy how things work but like I said, I'm blessed.

Q. What did Daniel say to you in his text?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, he just said, "Are you ready to go"? Like, are you ready to go. Obviously, the Giants, we already are a playoff team and know what we have to do. I'm just here to add that other asset to it, and I just can’t wait to do what I have to do and meet with him and understand what he likes and what he wants to do. I'm just going to be there with him.

Q. You came up here for your visit, meeting with them, what was that like coming in the facility and everything?

JALIN HYATT: Oh, yeah, it was amazing. Never been to New York before in my life. Came up, my first time in New York was to meet the Giants and I really loved the coaching staff up there. Love everything that they are doing. I just love what they are doing and what I can be a part of, so there are already great players there. I'm here to learn and develop and at the same time prove why the Giants drafted me. I'm ready to do what I have to do.

Q. The Giants fans have looked at the receiver room and said, we don't really have a target No. 1 receiver here. Do you think you can be an elite No. 1 receiver in the NFL and what gives you that confidence?

JALIN HYATT: Oh, yeah, 100 percent. My confidence comes from my hard work. It doesn't matter what pick, what round it was going to be; and when I saw the Giants called me, I knew what I had to do and I knew what I'm capable of; I'm going to be learning from the players there, the receivers there, developing a bond with them, understand their style of football, getting plays down, understand the playbook, but at the same time I'm there to show my opportunity and show why I should be here.

Q. Did you mostly play in the slot in college and do you believe you can play outside, or do you think of yourself more as a slot?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I played slot in college mostly just based on what we did, a lot of motions and me going left to right side. I'm comfortable wherever they want to put me at. If that's outside receiver, then that's something I'll be comfortable with. If it's slot, that's something I'll be comfortable with.

I'm here for the team. I'm here for the coaches. I'm here for Daniel Jones and what he wants to do. They brought a great asset and I'm just here to prove why I'm here.
He’s blessed…  
5BowlsSoon : 4/28/2023 11:55 pm : link
And so are we. LOVE THIS PICK….TOO!

Very excited about this pick. ....  
Manny in CA : 4/29/2023 12:53 am : link

Biletnikoff Award winner, he was on my "fearless" 2023 Giants mock. He will stretch the field for the underneath game and will be the best thing that's ever happened for Darius Slayton's career in the deep zones.
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