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Saturday Transcript: WR Jalin Hyatt (Quest Presser)

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/29/2023 5:44 pm
Third Round Selection WR Jalin Hyatt

April 29, 2023

Q. What is it about you that makes you such a big play threat?

JALIN HYATT: I feel like I'm just dynamic, explosive, I feel like I get open 24/7. I think that's what you want in a receiver, and I feel like really with those three attributes, I think that's what separates myself from everybody else.

Q. Have you done anything during the pre-draft process to specifically try to fine-tune or round out your route tree? Everyone talks about how good of a deep threat you are but to add more to your game?

JALIN HYATT: Really throughout the whole process of combine, pro day, that's really what I was working on, just come from different system, just getting used to more complex routes and I'm very capable of doing what I have to do. I'm very confident in what I've done in my training and just can't wait to get to work.

Q. What are your thoughts on becoming a Giant?

JALIN HYATT: Life changing. Life changing. It was a dream to play here. I had a feeling I was going to come here, too. I had that feeling. I don't know why. But man, I'm just blessed to be here. Blessed to be in this position and I just can't wait to make the most of it.

Q. Where do you think you slotted in terms of the wide receivers in this draft?

JALIN HYATT: There are a lot of good receivers in this draft, a lot of good friends I've made over time, just combine prep and pro day prep but I'm very confident in myself and where my game is. I really believe I'm the best receiver in the draft. It doesn't matter where I was slotted at but now, I'm here, I'm here in New York and it's time to get to work.

Q. What do you think about playing in New York in this kind of media market?

JALIN HYATT: As far as being here today, I've never been to New York -- just as like visiting or coming with family, it's definitely something different and being here with my family and just experiencing New York and seeing everybody, seeing the coaches and meeting some players here, man, it already feels like a family just already being here. Just like I said, just blessed for the opportunity. Blessed to show what I can do and what I'm capable of.

Q. You ran a lot of routes. What do you think your position, X or Z?

JALIN HYATT: Really anywhere. I'm not going to come in here and say I only play slot, or I only want to play outside. That's why I said I'm dynamic and explosive. I want to play everywhere. Wherever Coach wants me at, that's where I'm going to play at and I'm going to do what I have to do.

Q. You were talking last night about putting on weight. How did you come to that, if you're trying to put on weight during college or something if you go to the NFL, you need to get bigger?

JALIN HYATT: Just something where I want to feel confidential at. When I play this season, I want to be at 190 and I'm right there at it. I'm very proud of what I've done in my prep as far as getting here and as far as my weight gain. But it just a comfortable thing for me, just want to be at that 190 spot when I come into the season.

Q. How have you done that?

JALIN HYATT: For me, it's just consistency. Making sure you're eating the right things. Making sure you have good eating habits and making sure you're just consistent with your meal preps and I think that's the biggest thing for me.

Q. What do you think you can do better at that weight than a lighter weight?

JALIN HYATT: It definitely adds more confidence. Easier to catch the ball in contested areas. People can't knock you off of routes and can't knock you off of releases. A lot of things that can help you and especially playing in the NFL is a little different. Knowing some players that are already in the league and getting some of their advice and just trying to learn from the people that are here or wherever they are at and just try to build on that.

Q. What's the best advice you've gotten from somebody so far?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, I would say one of my closest friends, Velus Jones, plays for the Bears, just told me make sure you're consistent in your meal prep because he was here when I was playing at Tennessee. We are very close friends. Trey Smith, O-linemen with the Chiefs. Guys that have production in the league that have done something and just learning from them.

Q. How has playing at 188 now, how do you feel playing at that weight than 189?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, you know, the crazy thing, I feel more explosive. I feel more explosive. Definitely feel stronger for sure. When I added more weight, just for me, it builds more confidence for me, so I would say probably those things, those three things for me.

Q. Do you ever study the slender receivers that have had a lot of success like DeSean Jackson and DeVonta Smith, have you ever studied guys like that and how do you think you can be successful?

JALIN HYATT: Yeah, for sure. You know, I was very big on DeVonta Smith with the Eagles. I think he has a lot of capabilities that I have. Slim build, long arms, explosive, dynamic, gets open 24/7. He's consistent in how he catches the ball. He's a consistent receiver and a guy that makes plays, and that's what I want to do. That's what I want to be when I come here.

Q. What's the feeling like, everybody knows you're fast but what's it like when they know you're fast and they line up and you still get them? What's that feeling like?

JALIN HYATT: That's the best feeling in the world. That's the best feeling in the world when you go out there and knowing nobody can stop you and that's kind of how I felt this season. Just building on from this next season and learning from my mistakes this season and being ready for the big leagues.

Q. As a vertical threat, which is what people call you, how can you see how that helps the whole offense? This is a team with Saquon Barkley and somebody on the other end, when you line up outside or even in slot, the defense knows, this guy might be able to run by?

JALIN HYATT: Exactly. When you have Barkley in the backfield, and you know, a lot of guys that we have on this team that's very, very, very good, they can't really load the box. They can't go down there and just blitz the whole game. They are going to have respect -- they are going to have to respect us and that's what I'll bring and add to the table.

Q. Did you ever worry about losing speed?

JALIN HYATT: No, it's going to stay with me. It's going to stay with me. I was born with it.

Q. When you look back and have an opportunity to think about what that Alabama did for you, Joe Schoen was standing sideline and played a big part of you being here, what do you look back at that game and take from it in retrospect?

JALIN HYATT: I just say my hard work. Just say my hard work from the off-season. Just really, for me, I really grinded my off-season going into my junior campaign, and really, after the 'Bama game, for me, that's what's expected. Like I was expected to do that in my eyes. When I have those opportunities, when Coach trusts you and you want to be a wide receiver one, those are the plays you have to make. That's the standard. After the game it was really expectation, but it was definitely something different. It probably changed my life. But you know at the same time, though, that's what football can do to you. That's what it can bring and that's why I take this sport so serious. This is my life and I love the sport and I love the game. I feel like loving the game or mistakes I make or whatever, if I'm doing good or doing bad, just learning from it and getting better the next day. I think that's the biggest thing that I learned and just want to build on when I get here.

Q. So that grinding, what was better than previous years?

JALIN HYATT: I got serious with it. I started realizing that this right here is for me. I had dreams of coming to the NFL. I had dreams of playing here when I was a little kid, playing basketball, football or running track, I had a dream to play football. I knew it was going to come. Being here at this moment and seeing all of y'all and seeing my parents here, it's a dream come true. This is something that I've been dreaming of for a while.

Q. Have the last 18 hours felt like a blur to you? Have you gotten any sleep?

JALIN HYATT: You know, not really. It's been a roller coaster. You know, when I got drafted here to the Giants, man, I was so happy. I was so happy. My parents were happy. My family was happy who are with me. It was a dream come true and now everything is aside, combine is done, for me draft is done, pro day is done. Now it's time to put in the work. Now it's time to actually get down and grind and do what I have to do, and draft, the Giants traded up to get me and that's something I'll always remember, and I can't wait to go out and show up for them.

Q. You told us last night, that four-word text you got from Daniel Jones, did that alone pick you up?

JALIN HYATT: Definitely, especially when you have QB 1 texting you saying, "Are you ready?" I'm ready. I've been ready my whole life. Like I said I'm going to be asset for him. That's what I want to be. I want to be a player where he can trust, somebody who is going to be a professional and going to get open for him consistently and that's what I'm going to do for him.

Q. Some guys take it personal when they slip down farther. Did you take it that way? And were you in contract with Cedric (Tillman) at all during the whole thing?

JALIN HYATT: You never know with draft. For me I'm just blessed for the opportunity to be here. I think that's the biggest thing. I wasn't worried about if I was sliding up or down or whatever. I just know for me, whatever team drafted me, you know, I knew what I was going to do. I knew what I was going to do. And Giants took me, traded up to get me and that's something I'll never forget and now it's time to put in the work. Now it's time to do what I have to do and make my name here.

With Ced, one of my closest friends, I didn't text him during the draft, but I texted him after when he got picked up and just proud of him, proud of what he has done and the success that he had at Tennessee and just can't wait to see what his future is like.

Q. Is Daniel trying to get you out on the field like today or tomorrow?

JALIN HYATT: We going to get on the field soon, I can tell you that. I can tell that you. I need to get the playbook down and -- send me the playbook so we can go ahead and get things rolling. I can't wait. I can't wait. Like I said, Daniel Jones, a great quarterback, we all know that, proven himself and now it's time for me to prove myself to him and I can't wait for it.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/29/2023 5:47 pm : link
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Eric on Li : 4/29/2023 6:05 pm : link
not the alabama game but shows he's not just deep balls.

he goes down on contact and doesn't have much ability to make people miss after the catch, but he looks like he can run routes, create easy separation with his speed, and catch the ball.
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