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Transcript: Safety Gervarrius Owens

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/5/2023 4:30 pm
Safety Gervarrius Owens

Q. What was the moment like on Saturday when you got the call?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: Man, it was crazy to say the least, just hearing my name called. It's a childhood dream since I was like eight years old. Just kind of waiting on this day, so for it to come full circle was just a blessing. All my family and friends were around me, so just being surrounded by all that love, it just really put everything in perspective for me, so I'm definitely blessed to be here and going to get to work for sure.

Q. Who are they getting? What kind of player are the Giants getting?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: Somebody that's willing to come in from day one, a hardhat guy and do the work every single day, making corrections, cleaning up footwork and things like that. Just learning the defense and stuff and just getting everybody ready.

Q. What was it like playing at Houston and then having that translate to what you're doing now in the NFL?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: Yes, sir, just priding ourselves on being able to make plays in the back end. If we mess up, then that shows up on the scoreboard, so just trying to be as detailed and polished as possible. That's kind of what Coach (Doug) Belk and Coach (Brian) Early and Coach (David) Rowe and all of them preached at Houston so just being able to transition, talked to the coaches a couple times. They seemed like some real detailed guys, so I felt like we could take advantage of it.

Q. Coach Daboll seems like someone that you can just grab a beer with but also hang out with on the football field and really get into it. What's your first thought process when you meet Brian Daboll and your general thought about him?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: Good people. Very intense, but he's relaxed at the same time. You can tell he wants the best for all his players, and I feel like he's a great guy who's going to put us in a lot of positions to make plays this year.

Q. What's it like just being out here? Just feeling out the vibes still, or are you just -- do you have a game plan in your head of what you want to accomplish?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: It was just crazy, just first day, like I said, you dream of this moment so long, then it hits you. Like the first day, me, (Deonte) Banks and Trey Hawkins running out to the field like, man, it's time, we're really here. Just trying to soak everything in, but at the same time everything is so fresh, so it's just kind of all over the place.

The first day was definitely a blessing. Got in, got some good work together, so kind of just getting acclimated to everything, but it's a blessing. That's all I can really say.

Q. You're getting acclimated to it, but you mentioned Deonte and you mentioned Trey. Talk about how you want to be brothers here, right, bring this together, so what's that like trying to build that relationship with your teammates?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: We already kind of got a good relationship. Me and Trey actually trained together, combine prep and stuff like that, down in Fort Lauderdale, so we've kind of been knowing each other over the past months. Tae, he's just one of those guys you can just walk in day one and he's just good vibes, good people. There are no egos or nothing. You can just tell you're around good people for sure.

Q. The special teams coordinator (Thomas McGaughey), his son is at Houston. Did you know him at all before the pre-draft process?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: I had some people definitely tell me he was up here. He came over there after practice and talked to me, just letting me know everything. But yeah, his son, Trent, is one of our tight ends at Houston, definitely good people, too. But yeah, Coach came over there, spoke to me. He told me he played safety, too, at Houston, so yeah, I'm going to definitely be talking to him a lot.

Q. Get your hands on some film of his play?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: Yeah, see what he was talking about.

Q. What kind of experience did you have in college on specials?

GERVARRIUS OWENS: Starting off, I played a lot of kickoff and punt and then PBR, as well, and it just kind of kept on with those things. Definitely got some -- able to play every special teams role, whatever they need me to do.
ryanmkeane : 5/5/2023 6:57 pm : link
Impressive answers considering where he was drafted
Wiggy : 5/5/2023 7:07 pm : link
Rooting for this guy. Never heard of him before the draft but I like the way he plays. Looks like a high motor thumper
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