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NGT- Jets working out P Matt Araiza

jvm52106 : 5/24/2023 10:18 am
according to PFT.
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Punt god  
Spider43 : 5/24/2023 10:26 am : link
Needs to make a living.
This could be a good pickup for the Jets  
Jay on the Island : 5/24/2023 10:31 am : link
Araiza will likely sign for the minimum with no guaranteed money. The Jets could have a great punter very cheap for the next 3-4 years.
And we gotta live with  
redwhiteandbigblue : 5/24/2023 10:59 am : link
The Scottish Hammer (without any competition) Sheesh!
Cowboys would try him out  
KDavies : 5/24/2023 11:33 am : link
but he was cleared of all charges...
RE: And we gotta live with  
islander1 : 5/24/2023 1:08 pm : link
In comment 16122433 redwhiteandbigblue said:
The Scottish Hammer (without any competition) Sheesh!

Giants and overrating their own punters.

Quite the dynamic duo.
RE: Cowboys would try him out  
bluefin : 5/25/2023 7:46 am : link
In comment 16122460 KDavies said:
but he was cleared of all charges...

Even if the Jets sign him, he'll have to earn the job.  
Big Blue Blogger : 5/25/2023 9:56 am : link
Morstead has been one of the best punters in the league for a very long time. While he's not what he was at his peak with the Saints, he was very good in his previous stint with the Jets in 2021, and he was still decent with the Dolphins last year. If the Jets want gaudy gross punting stats, Araiza will have an edge there. On the other hand, Morstead is reliable and has only had one punt blocked in his career, twelve years ago. One of the concerns about Ariaza is his catch-to-kick time.
We had basically the worst punter in the league  
Essex : 5/25/2023 9:57 am : link
once he was cleared of wrongdoing, we should have been at this guy's doorstep begging him to come here.
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