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NGT- Pats sign TE Anthony Firkser

jvm52106 : 5/25/2023 11:54 am
What is it with BB and signing, drafting and trading for multiple TE's in the same year.

A few years ago they drafted two TE's in the same 3rd. Then they go and get both Jonu Smith and Hunter Henry. They now have neither of those drafted TE's and they both did nothing on the field. They have since parted ways with a very underused Jonu Smith..

They have Henry, sign Mike Gieseki and now sign Firkser.. It is weird how BB manages the roster. For all of his great coaching attributes he has just as many negative attributes as a GM..
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It isn't surprising. Belichick is a great coach but not  
robbieballs2003 : 5/25/2023 1:18 pm : link
A great evaluator. I remember hearing a story about him when he interviewed for one job, I think it was Cleveland. His philosophy was to win the middle of the field. Basically, if you control the middle of the field, then you control the game. Now, does that philosophy still hold water? Most would disagree with the NFL turning into basketball on grass. Most coaches want to stretch the field vertically and horizontally. They want you to cover as much ground as possible.

Think about all the years Belichick has been in NE. What has been their bread and butter? It was getting Gronk and Hernandez. It was having Welker and Edelman. Think about that. Belichick wants to win between the hashes. It makes sense. Take it a step further. What is a great way to save money on offense? Would you rather pay for outside WR or inside slot guys and TEs? It is much more cost effective to go with TEs and slot receivers.

The execution hasn't been great once they lost Brady but it has worked. The problem, imo, isn't the philosophy ut rather the people he is bringing in, offensive coaches, and execution.
BB did pretty well with Gronk and Hernandez. Trying to duplicate.  
Ivan15 : 5/25/2023 3:38 pm : link
Also, TEs make pretty good special teams players. Maybe bigger and faster than some of the backup LBers.
Anthony is a Manalapan,NJ resident  
TheMick7 : 5/26/2023 5:31 am : link
Great kid,great athlete. Happy for him as he'll be going to an offense that features TEs!
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