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NFT: HP Laptop screen question - for the techies on BBI

spike : 6/3/2023 3:11 pm
My HP Pavilion laptop runs on Windows 10.

Anyways, recently upon startup, my screen goes black intermittently, and I would have to restart Windows again, and then the screen problem is gone completely.

Any suggestions as to how to fix it?
Does it flicker when you move the screen back and forth?  
D HOS : 6/3/2023 7:16 pm : link
The thing to discover is, is this only a screen or video issue, or a windows issue.

I have one laptop that does this, whenever I move the laptop screen it will often go totally black (no signal). Then I have to move it back and forth a bit, cross my fingers that I have it angled "just right" and then use the function key that turns the screen off and on again to reset it (maybe what you are achieving with restart). Some loose cable I guess. It's a PITA to work on laptop screen cables so I just live with this.

Anyway, for me this is just a screen issue. If I was playing a game or a video, the sound continues. Maybe you can try the same?

If this doesn't describe your issue at all, try reinstalling the video driver from HP ?

Also look in Windows system event log to see if there are any messages that relate to some video error?
With the bad screen laptop  
D HOS : 6/3/2023 7:18 pm : link
I keep that one plugged into an external monitor, keyboard and mouse so it's not an issue.

If you have access to the same, you could see again if it's a hardware screen problem only or else something within Windows or a further hardware issue, as if only a screen issue the external monitor would keep displaying and laptop would continue to be usable.
Is it a touchscreen  
Chocco : 6/4/2023 11:45 am : link
Could be a failing backlight  
Jim in Fairfax : 6/4/2023 12:01 pm : link
All LCD screens have a backlight, since liquid crystals have no luminescence. To tell if this is the case, shine a bright light on the screen when it’s gone black. If it’s a failed backlight, you’ll be able to see a faint image of what should be on the display.
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