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NFT: NFT : Roger Craig Passes as 93 - An Original Met

varco : 6/5/2023 7:31 am
Roger Craig, an original 1962 Met, passed away at 93. He was raised in the Brooklyn Dodger farm system, accompanied them to LA and was drafted by the Mets in the expansion draft. He was a prototypical pitcher of that era, took the ball every fifth day, no matter what, and relieved when needed. Pitched better than his record, losing over 20 games in 1962 and 1963. He was a real workhorse and rarely, if ever, injured. Trading him to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1964 was a mercy to him, rescuing him from the really bad Met teams of that time. I can recall him losing something like 12 or 13 in a row at one point. He went on to a long coaching and managing career subsequent to his playing days. RIP, big guy, and condolences to his family.

Another player from a bygone time no longer with us.
thanks, varco  
ColHowPepper : 6/5/2023 9:31 am : link
saw that yesterday. To me, far more than the losing pitcher he was with the Mets, as a rabid Brooklyn Dodgers' fan from the mid-50s on, he was a work horse for those storied teams, one of the Boys of Summer, and carved in stone. RIP
Craig and Don Bessent at Ebbets Field
RIP - It was very tough on him playing for the comically bad teams on  
Ira : 6/5/2023 9:56 am : link
the Mets in there first years. But he played very well to his credit.
He was the SF Giants manager in 86 when I lived out there  
Jints in Carolina : 6/5/2023 11:00 am : link
He and Will Clark turned the franchise around.

Humm baby!
The master of the split finger fastball  
sb from NYT Forum : 6/5/2023 12:19 pm : link
...Taught it to Mike Scott, who was dominant in the late 80s with that pitch, and all but unhittable in 1986, winning the Cy Young.
Roger Craig and “split-finger fastball” will forever be linked in baseball history - ( New Window )
RIP Roger  
SomeFan : 6/5/2023 1:19 pm : link
I wonder how many original Mets are left? Ed Kranepool comes to mind; he was only 18 or so on that 1962 team.
RIP -  
Del Shofner : 6/5/2023 1:20 pm : link
with the '63 Mets he had a 3.78 ERA, which is not bad - and he still went 5-22!
RE: RIP Roger  
MOOPS : 6/5/2023 2:57 pm : link
In comment 16128008 SomeFan said:
I wonder how many original Mets are left? Ed Kranepool comes to mind; he was only 18 or so on that 1962 team.

Felix Mantilla is still kicking.
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