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NFT: A's Las Vegas Stadium Deal Dead For Now

Gary from The East End : Admin : 6/6/2023 10:14 am

The clock ran out last night on the Nevada legislative session, and there was no vote on the bill to provide $500 million in tax kickbacks for an Oakland A’s stadium in Las Vegas. It also didn’t finish passing a state budget, and Gov. Joe Lombardo says both will now be taken up in a special session this summer:

There are budget issues which need to be taken up in the special session. Governor Lombardo says they may also work on the A's deal as well as some other issues, but The Speaker of the Nevada legislature says they will not consider any non-budget bills.

So the deal  
Pete in MD : 6/6/2023 10:17 am : link
busted, crapped out, or [insert gambling jargon for losing].
Another L for the A’s  
The_Boss : 6/6/2023 10:45 am : link
Racking them up at a record pace..
The As have really screwed this up  
Greg from LI : 6/6/2023 10:49 am : link
They have alienated their Oakland fans and now don’t have a feasible exit strategy.
John Fisher couldn’t run  
bubba0825 : 6/6/2023 10:49 am : link
An ice cream stand. Wish my dad left me billions to run business’ into the ground.
That sucks, would have been cool  
UConn4523 : 6/6/2023 10:51 am : link
liked the idea of a smaller park and anywhere is better than Oakland.
Special session this summer  
HomerJones45 : 6/6/2023 10:57 am : link
it will get passed. Calling this "Dead for now" is a little premature.
Ron from Ninerland : 6/6/2023 2:03 pm : link
It never seemed like Nevada was bending over backwards to get the A's they way they did to get the Raiders. Now it looks like they will get little or nothing from the state, it remains to be seen if they get anything from Clark county. Beyond that the Tropicana site seems like a terrible idea. I can't imagine that MGM/Mirage which currently dominates in intersection of Tropicana and the Strip is too happy about having the A's as neighbors. Nor is Clark County likely to waive property tax for such prime real estate like the A's are asking.

The Raiders > the Athletics.  
81_Great_Dane : 6/6/2023 4:51 pm : link
The Raiders are worth luring. The A's, not so much. Their owner made a tactical error: To help get out of town, he made his team terrible. However, he made it so terrible that no other city wants to spend money to bring it in.

There aren't a lot of U.S. cities that would make good candidates for an MLB team. Portland, Nashville, Charlotte, I guess. Maybe Louisville, though it's pretty close to Cincinnati. But the team may have to be sold to a local owner to get any concessions from local government.
Shecky : 6/6/2023 5:03 pm : link
The secured the rights to negotiate for the land - we were all told it was a DONE deal lol
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