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NFT: Gifts for U8 Girls Soccer Team

tbonfig : 6/6/2023 7:25 pm
Hey friends

Wrapping up coaching my first season of my daughters U8 rec league soccer team. I was thinking it might be nice to get a little commemorative something for each of the girls. Any suggestions?
I have used  
pjcas18 : 6/6/2023 8:17 pm : link
this site before chalktalk sports

they were great.

I also used a hockey specific site I won't share, but chalktalk sports did a nice job with some hockey ornaments I got with our team logo on one side and the kids numbers on the other. at least I think that's what I got from there. I know I have used them and thought they did well.
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yeah, what pj said,  
ColHowPepper : 6/6/2023 10:47 pm : link
And maybe a team pic on one side of the medallion, they love seeing themselves memorialized
I would always photoshop…  
Chris in Philly : 6/6/2023 10:48 pm : link
custom baseball (or whatever) cards in frames for each players and for the little kids I would usually burn a dvd of a slideshow of all the photos my wife took of the team over the season. The parents loved those.
Keep Mcneil at second  
spike : 6/6/2023 11:24 pm : link
and let Batty play LF?
great ideas!  
spike : 6/6/2023 11:24 pm : link
thanks !
For baseball and basketball  
Beezer : 6/7/2023 2:07 pm : link
when the kids were little, I created certificates using Adobe InDesign ... kept it simple, but made each certificate personal to the kid's season, skill set, personality. The parents seemed to appreciate it, too. Shows you're paying attention. :)
You can give  
Semipro Lineman : 6/7/2023 2:18 pm : link
each player their very own

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