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Transcript: Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/13/2023 3:18 pm
Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

June 13, 2023

Q. Where are you at physically? Where do you put yourself?

STERLING SHEPARD: I'm right on schedule where I wanted to be, a little bit ahead. So that's always good. I'm just trying to take it day-by-day and just focus on getting back to a hundred percent.

Q. Is right on schedule for you, is it I'm going to be participating in training camp? Is it I'm going to be ready for the season? How do you view that?

STERLING SHEPARD: My goal is to be ready for the season, so whatever that takes is what I'm going to try to do, but I'm also not going to rush it. You get to that time and I'm not feeling right, then that's just what it's going to be. But that is my goal and just take it day-by-day like I said and try to be the best I can be that day.

Q. What does it mean to you that they brought you back? They didn't have to.

STERLING SHEPARD: It means a lot, man, you know what I mean, this organization has been really good to me throughout my playing career, and some of the stuff that's happened over the years. I'm grateful and thankful and I try to give this organization everything I've got just for those reasons.

Q. You've been around Daniel (Jones), do you think the contract, is there any chance it will change him at all or put more pressure on him?

STERLING SHEPARD: No. If you know anything about Daniel, that guy is the hardest worker no matter what the situation is. I expect him to have the mentality of, I'm going to show everybody why I deserve this money, and I mean, he's always approached the game and practiced day-to-day work with the right mindset. I'm looking forward to seeing him out there balling.

Q. Do the players notice after a guy comes in after a big contract?

STERLING SHEPARD: He’s got that money swag. You know when somebody hit the lotto, they a little different (laughs). It’s the same thing.

Q. So does Daniel have money swag?

STERLING SHEPARD: No, he's going to say the same like I just told you. Some people have that money swag.

Q. How about Dexter (Lawrence), does he have money swag?

STERLING SHEPARD: He’s got a little money swag. He’s got a little money swag.

Q. How do you look at what you're surrounded by on offense talent-wise, especially in comparison to the last few years, it seems like receivers on top of receivers running those routes?

STERLING SHEPARD: Yeah, it's probably the biggest receiver group I've been a part of since I've been here but that's what we wanted to bring in. We wanted to bring in competition. Some guys run from competition and some people don't. We're definitely going to see what we have because we have a lot of guys that can play some good ball. I love the fact that we added more playmakers. It's not just on one person to make all the plays. We've got a lot of guys that can do it.

Q. How strange was it, is it, not having 26 out here today?

STERLING SHEPARD: Obviously he's missed but this is the unfortunate part of the game where the business side gets into it a little bit. We're all just trying to focus on what we can do to make the team better. Saquon, we know what he can do, and we want him back as soon as possible.

Q. (Former Giants Head Coach Bill) Parcells have any good advice?

STERLING SHEPARD: Yeah, he left us with a good message after practice today and it's just staying within the group. Loved having him around here. He's full of wisdom, so loved having him here and listening to him speak a little bit.

Q. You've been with Saquon since he got here. Could you even envision him somewhere else? How hard would that be? Do you just expect him to be here; it's just a matter of time?

STERLING SHEPARD: Like I said, that's the unfortunate part of the business. Just got to let it play its course. I can't visualize him in another jersey. That's my best friend. Obviously, I want him here.

But you know, you've got to figure out stuff that's right for you, right for your family and I understand that part, too. Been doing this awhile, so I've seen a lot of situations like that.

Q. When you think back to Arizona with Daniel and the receivers -- was there a moment that stood out, or a conversation?

STERLING SHEPARD: In Arizona? That period of time is really for the camaraderie piece and getting to know the new guys. You know, Darren (Waller), one of the new guys. So, he came out there – just trying to get a feel for who he is as a person, more than it is about work because obviously nobody knows the plays at that time. Yeah, you're getting work in. But it's more about the camaraderie piece and some of the receivers that we added, just getting to know those guys. The more you get to know your teammates, it's easier to give everything you've got for them, so that's a big piece to that trip.

Q. What did you learn about Darren when you were out there?

STERLING SHEPARD: He's a very humble guy. He works extremely hard. He was out there every day a little bit earlier than everybody. You can tell he's been playing ball for a while and knows how to approach the day. It's somebody that all the young guys can learn from and stuff that I can pick pieces from, too, all the older guys, as well. He's top at his position, so love to have those type of guys around.
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