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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2023 4:46 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Q: What do you think of the fact that a number of players were rewarded with nice commitments and nice contracts going forward?

A: It just shows the belief that the organization has in us and the hard work that we put in to earn that. I'm excited because things like that builds confidence into a person. The more confidence we have, the better the team will be.

Q: (Tackle) Andrew Thomas mentioned yesterday that a big focus this year is improving how you guys do in the division. Is that something that (Head Coach Brian) Daboll and you guys as players, as a team, are talking about a lot or is it just more understood?

A: I think that's within. Dabs doesn't really have to say anything. I think as a position group, you want to dominate every team but more importantly the teams within the division, simply because that's the way to the playoffs and the playoffs gives us a chance to win the Super Bowl. He doesn't really have to say much about that. I think that's within the players.

Q: A question about signing some of the young guys, that you know there is a core here that you are going to be with. Three years, four years, five years, you know you are going to be here. Does that help you think that you are building something here that is going to last?

A: I don't want to talk about building. It's more about doing at this point. Going into my fifth season, and I hate losing. I don't really want to talk about building. I want to talk about what we are doing today to get better for tomorrow, and then that day leads into the season. You all can talk about building but our mindset is winning.

Q: Do you think any of you would have got paid, the guys that got big money, if you didn't have a winning season last year?

A: That's hard to say. It all goes down to how did that individual played that season, type of thing. Winning brings more spotlight, so it brings more of everything, but if a player is playing his (butt) off. He deserves what he deserves, so he should get it.

Q: When you talk about doing, how important was (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) being here and being with you guys to the end? To the fact that he is obviously part of what you all are doing.

A: A lot of respect for him. I'm happy he is here. He challenges everybody on the team in a way that he doesn't even know half of the team. He brings a good attitude. I'm just happy he's here and he's working hard. He's pushing people to get better and he's continuing to grow.

Q: Have some of you shared that with (Running Back Saquon Barkley) since training camp opened?

A: I think that is kind of understood. He knows his impact on the team. We all know his impact on the team. Things like that, you don't really need jump up and down like 'ahh' (laughs). We are happy that he is here and he's bringing his smile and his good charisma.

Q: When a player is going through contract negotiations, you can kind of take the 'I don't want to be in another man's pocket' or you can kind of speak up or if there is some sort of acrimony with the team, kind of like when (Bills Quarterback) Josh Allen spoke up when (Bills Wide Receiver) Stefon Diggs was going through his stuff? I am just curious what's your philosophy on that, when you have a player who means something, and they are going through that. Do you feel like it's more appropriate to not say something or to say something?

A: I'm happy when anybody gets paid. That just shows the hard work and what all it took to get to that point. I'm extremely happy when a guy in my position gets paid. It's just a joy. It's more than just about jealousy or football at that point, it's about the person. Just to be able to have the opportunity to change your life in a different way, your kid's life, your grandkids life, that's just special in itself. We are all human, so maybe little things like that can creep up in your mind at the same time, but at the end of the day it's being happy for that person and the hard work that they have put in.

Q: What are the expectations of this team? Do you feel you have closed the gap in your division with the likes of the Eagles and the Cowboys?

A: Last year we lost to them both. This season is to train, day-by-day to improve. If I'm not making somebody across the ball better than me, then I messed up and I let my team down. It's all about just progressing each day, each day. Those days stack until you build something beautiful, and it shines on Sundays or Mondays or Thursdays, or Saturdays or whenever they want to give us a game.

Q: What has been your personal goal to get out of this camp?

A: I am not trying to make the same mistake that I made the day before. I know I am going to make them. I just want to improve. It's one thing that I am focused on today, and I want to get that to a second nature, type of thing. Each day that is just my goal. I am trying to whoop that guy, but at the same day I am trying to get better with my technique and me doing that is getting him better with his technique, type of thing. My goal is just proving myself every day. Yes, I got paid. Hooray. It's nothing if I don't go prove myself and that's just my mindset on that.
Dude is all business  
3rdWAM : 7/27/2023 7:50 pm : link
I love his attitude
Sounds a bit like an emerging voice...  
j_rud : 7/28/2023 2:34 pm : link
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