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Transcript: Wide Receiver Isaiah Hodgins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/31/2023 4:19 pm
Wide Receiver Isaiah Hodgins

Q. How do you feel like camps been going?

A: It's been going well, you know. (I've) been taking it day by day and continuing to work on my craft so it's been going good so far.

Q. What was your perception on Daniel Jones?

A: We definitely knew that he was a tall, strong quarterback. We used to always talk about him and compare him to (Bills quarterback) Josh Allen. We definitely knew he had the physical traits and stuff and coming here, I was able to see the mental side and the preparation and work ethic. He's the full package, and I think he's a great quarterback, so I'll ride or die about him.

Q. Do you think Daniel Jones gets enough respect outside of this building?

A: I feel like some people do (and) some don't. That's with a lot of guys in the NFL, but I know one thing, he definitely doesn't worry about that, so that's all credit to him. Whether he has a good game, or a bad game or people praise him or not, he keeps the same mindset of working every day, so that's something that influences the entire locker room. That's what you like to see from your quarterback.

Q. Is Daniel Jones a topic that comes up with guys that you know around the league?

A: People definitely have a lot of questions, for sure. I think he put a lot of the league on notice last year, so I think those conversations start to come up when you have good performances like he did. A lot of people were probably talking bad, and then he has the season that he had last year, and now people are trying to debate if he's good or not, if he's top this or whatever. That's going to come with performances like he's had. I know he's not worried about it (and) I know as a wideout room and as a team we're really not either. We're focused on what we can do to win games every week.

Q. When you look at the wideout room do you think you guys are more talented than last year?

A: The coaches did a great job of retaining a lot of talent then adding a lot of talent. We've got players all over the place that you can plug in at any position, any route and put a lot of pressure on the defense. I'm definitely excited to see what our wideout room can do.

Q. How does it feel coming in this year after having a whole offseason rather than being brought in midseason?

A: I feel very comfortable in the offense and the scheme. Just being able to take a different approach to my game and knowing that I'm not just thrown into the fire like I was last year. (I) kind of get to work on some mental stuff for me. Kind of like looking at coverages and disguising stuff and seeing stuff that I give away and stuff that I can work on in my game. So, I'm trying to take that next step myself.

Q. Looking back, how beneficial was that to get that late experience in the system last season?

A: It was really beneficial. Just being able to compete against top teams, to play in huge games and playoff games and be able to be in the grit and grind with this team. Coming back from being down or a big divisional game. It was good to be able to see the character in that locker room and whether we take a hit or whether we're winning big games, just never change and keep working throughout the week. I definitely love the guys in the locker room, and it made me feel more a part of the team being in those moments with them.

Q. How would you describe the overall competition and camaraderie among the wide receivers now that there is so many more of them?

Q. What do you think (wide receiver Cole) Beasley brings to the table?

A: I think he definitely brings that veteran experience of just route running from the slot and really on the outside. I used to always tell the guys about him and how much he helped me, he's been back for a week or two and he's already back to critiquing me and helping me with my routes and different details. He knows the offense really well. He came up with half the concepts. He's just mentally on a different level than a lot of people, so he's a huge help.

Q. With what you did last year, do you sit there and say, "I got to go out there and do it again?'

A: I don't think anyone would really get in that position and try to just 'oh I'm cool.' Especially me and a lot of guys on our team. I try to push myself to forget it completely about last year and just sit there and take it day by day and really eclipse what I did last year. That's our goal, we are not satisfied with that.

Q: The explosiveness of this offense has been a big focus this offseason, does it feel different in practice or how does that feel different to you?

A: I feel like it definitely does. I feel like at any given moment we can be throwing a deep shot to anybody from the ones to the twos to the threes, whoever is in there at any position, to a tight end or a running back. Our offense is very creative, and it's very explosive, so I am excited to see it in games.

Q: What do you think of the way (wide receiver) Jalin Hyatt's been coming on the last few days?

A: He's been doing great. He's doing everything a rookie is supposed to be doing, he's asking all the right questions. He's soaking everything in like a sponge, he comes up to me and (wide receiver Darius) Slay(ton) and (wide receiver Cole) Beas(ley), he's always asking questions, trying to watch film and do all the right stuff. I think he definitely brings just that explosive part to our offense. He's one of those pieces who helps stretch the field vertically for us. I'm excited for him to keep taking it step by step and learning this game, getting all those bumps out of the way, which it seems like he has, and just keep taking the top off of defenses.
This is what I was saying in one of those other threads  
D HOS : 8/1/2023 1:57 am : link
"he's been back for a week or two and he's already back to critiquing me and helping me with my routes and different details. He knows the offense really well. He came up with half the concepts. He's just mentally on a different level than a lot of people, so he's a huge help."

Whether or not Beasley makes the team, is even in the conversation, this is why he's here. This is huge.

Love Hodgins' positive attitude. Love the idea that the WR squad will be mostly plug and play, switcheroo, who's going where, doing what? Can't tell until they are actually doing it. By the time the DB realizes, its too late. That's what I hope we start to see.
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