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Transcript: Offensive Tackle Matt Peart

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2023 7:17 pm
Offensive Tackle Matt Peart

Q: We saw you get in yesterday when (tackle) Evan Neal went out. What was that like and what did you take away from those reps?

A: It's kind of having that next man up mentality, always being ready. Always making sure I capitalize on those opportunities to be with the ones. Making sure the attention to detail is that much more defined and yeah, just playing with my guys.

Q: How do you think your game has changed over time? Maybe not the whole time you have been here but maybe under this coaching staff and the opportunities that you have, especially with (tackle Evan) Neal at the moment?

A: With (offensive line coach Bobby Johnson) OG he's a stickler for the details so this being the second year under him, understand what he wants and respect what the defense gives us. It's awesome being in the second-year underneath OG. I feel like my skills from that standpoint, I've been able to grow and been able to attack each day.

Q: Just the idea that you have grown over your time here, maybe not going back to the very beginning but it seems like under this coaching staff a lot of guys have made some improvements.

A: It's kind of crazy when you think about it, four years kind of flew by (laughs). Being under) OG for a second year and understanding what he wants with respect to the looks, it has been great to be under his coaching and I am definitely able to fine-tune my skills and refine them.

Q: Can I show that I am really not cool or into the nicknames, I am not sure who OG is.

A: Coach Johnson (laughs).

Q: That's what you call (offensive line coach) Bobby Johnson? Can I ask what the 'O' stands for?

A: That's OG Bobby Johnson (laughs).

Q: I'm curious how is this training camp and maybe this offseason in general, maybe a little bit different from last year when you were kind of recovering from the ACL and maybe day-to-day and just in general, how is this a little bit different?

A: Mentality has always been the same. Just get better each and every day. When I was rehabbing my ACL last year, I was just making sure that I was able to do better than the last day. I made sure that I was able to just grow and have that same mentality carry into the offseason, OTAs, and on to training camp, it's the same mentality. Making sure I just focus on the plays and making sure that I have good plays, not good days because that will speak for itself at the end of the day. Just making sure I have that same mentality of always having the mindset of always being willing to grow.

Q: Obviously, your ability to play on both sides of the line has helped you in college, helped you in the pros. What maybe about your skillset or what have you maybe learned over time about playing on the left side versus the right side and what are some of the differences that maybe you have had to kind of improve at or just learn over time as you got the pros?

A: For me, I just try to keep it as simple as possible. Being about to flip your feet is something that takes time. I put the work in to really fine-tune or refine my skills because they are both different … and different ends so you have to understand what comes with both. I just try to keep it simple as possible and try to make sure that whenever my number is called, I am ready for whatever side.

Q: Does this maybe opportunity with (tackle) Evan (Neal) out, this chance with the ones or just this training camp in general feel a little bit more important just given this point in your career, where you are contract-wise, does this opportunity kind of feel a little bit more important or do you feel a little bit more pressure to kind of impress the coaching staff, kind of make your mark this training camp?

A: I take every rep as if it is the defining rep. Being able to play with the ones is a great opportunity but if I am with the twos or threes, I make sure that every rep that I get, I make sure that I showcase my skills and put my best foot forward all the time.

Q. In my generation, OG meant 'old guy', you weren't fibbing to us, were you?

A: No, no. I guess my generation it means original gangster (laughs).

Q: In year four, does it feel like a make-or-break year?

A: I mean coming into this year, it's how the mentality is always getting better. Year four, year three, year two, year one, it's always been the same. Make sure I always put my best foot forward and showcase my skillset and what I am able to do on the field.

Q: You always wonder when they draft two tackles that high, you wonder 'do I still fit in?' Was that ever something you concerned yourself with or do you just look at yourself?

A: No, I just kept it to myself. Just try to control what I can control and like I said, just always make sure that every rep that I take, make sure I showcase my best foot forward every single time and just always have that mentality of staying ready.

Q: What feedback did you get from OG yesterday after you took those first-team reps?

A: Like I said he is a stickler to the details, so you know with OG he likes certain footwork with certain plays and just making sure that whatever, whichever respective play came up, just make sure that my attention to detail was sharp.
I assume that this interview was done  
Bill in UT : 8/5/2023 7:46 pm : link
before today's practice
I'm amused that the players call Coach Johnson  
NYDCBlue : 8/6/2023 5:49 pm : link
OG Bobby Johnson. I admit that is the very first thing that always goes through my mind when I see his name. Even though I really never have liked that song (its a C or C-. Super repetitive.), even when it was new, but how can you not make the connection?
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