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Transcript: Defensive Tackle A'Shawn Robinson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/7/2023 2:14 pm
Defensive Tackle A'Shawn Robinson

Q. How are you feeling?

A: Feeling good. Taking it day-by-day. Working on improvement every day. That's really all I've got.

Q. What made you sign here in free agency? What was the attraction to the Giants?

A: Great group of guys, they work hard. I wanted to be a part of something special, so I decided to come here.

Q. What makes you thinks this could be something special?

A: Because I watched what happened last year and they still have the same group of guys that they had last year.

Q. Specific to the d-line or the whole team?

A: The whole team, it all works together. It's not just one side specifically, it's all together. It takes a team effort.

Q. Can you take us back a little bit through the offseason where you came for a visit and then signed like a month later? What happened in the interim there.

A: Nothing. Just had to get it done. That's all.

Q. Did you always think you would end up here after that visit?

A: I am just blessed to be here. That's all I can say. It's a blessing, the opportunity that I have. Things that happened were unfortunate in the season before but it's a blessing to be here so I can't tell you anything else other than that, that God got me here, so I am excited to be here.

Q. What did you do heading into camp and why did you end up on the PUP?

A: Why did I end up on PUP? That's something you should ask the trainers, I don't know. That's nothing for me. I'm just here to ball.

Q. Obviously coming off the surgery, do you feel like you normally do training camp time, or do you feel like you have to ease into it?

A: No, I feel great. I feel fantastic. Happy to get this opportunity and to work. I'm at work, I'm a hard-hat guy. I've got my lunch pail, and I got my hard hat.

Q. What you have been told, how much is it something that you have to manage throughout your career here or is it something that's just like, 'Okay, you're good now it's in the past your body is fine?'

A: You have to manage everything in your body from your rookie year to whatever injury you have now. It's not about just one injury specifically or whatever you have to say, but it's about everything. Maintenance of your body is just everything through the years of going through the game, so I do that every day.

Q. You have had a very good career, how much do you feel like you have left in the tank, anything to prove, something like that?

A: There's always something to prove, always something more that you can go out there and work with a great group, band of brothers. Having that camaraderie and everything, getting that together every year is dope.

Q. What do you think of this group so far?

A: I love them. I love the tenacity about them. I love that every person is going to fight, they are going to dig, claw. They are going to bring their hard hat and lunch pail every day. It's not about what we see in the future, it's about controlling the now and being where your feet are so being where your feet are, you've got to be dependable, got to be accountable, got to be tough, got to be smart.

Q. What did you learn playing with the best of the best with (Rams defensive tackle) Aaron Donald?

A: I learned a lot. I learned how to work. I learned how to keep that same main frame of mind. I learned how hard it is to be where he is at and what you've got to do to get where he is at. It's a tough task but it's something that you can do.

Q. As I'm sure you have heard, they struggled against the run here last year. I'm sure that's been mentioned a bunch in the meetings as the guys have said. What's your sense and confidence that you can be a big difference maker in making this run defense better?

A: I'm going to do my job and let it speak for itself. I have nothing else to say that. We all know what I do with my set of skills, so I have nothing else to say about anything else.

Q. What makes you a better run stopper, the aggression, the technique, all of it?

A: You've got to love physicality. You've got to want that contact. There are only a few gorillas in the league, and you have to make sure you see those gorillas, you've got to handle business.

Q. Do you feel like you are one of those guys?

A: I just do my job, boss.

Q. If you could take them separately, not as a group, what are your impressions of (defensive tackle) Dexter Lawrence II and (defensive lineman) Leonard Williams? I'm sure you have seen Leonard across the line of scrimmage for years but those two guys, young guy Dex and veteran.

A: Leo, I've known Leo since high school when he was going to college, and I was going to go to USC before I went to Alabama, and I've met Dex at Alabama. We all have met each other way before then and then to end up on the same team, it's kind of crazy with everyone's talent and abilities to be able to dominate and what not. It's kind of dope to be around those guys and to add a little bit more flavor with (defensive lineman Rakeem Nuñez-Roches) Nacho and the other guys. It's kind of dope.

Q. Do you see Dex going to the that level?

A: Dex is going to get there.
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