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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/12/2023 10:04 am
Head Coach Brian Daboll

On how Giants S Jason Pinnock performed today:

"Yeah, it was good. He's had a good camp. We were going to play him in roughly 10 to 12 plays, but he had some productive plays early on. So, we got him out, gave some other guys some opportunity. But, pretty productive day for a short amount of time."

On Giants S Jason Pinnock trying to prove himself last season:

"Yeah, no he's athletic. He's explosive. He was a good addition to our team last year. He played a bunch of special teams but I think he's done a good job here in camp. Made the most of his opportunity in the short amount of plays, keep grinding along with him. But he's done a nice job for us."

On Giants QB Tommy DeVito getting a lot of snaps:

"Yeah, played him the first half. That was the plan. I thought they did a pretty good job without looking at the tape. Competitive, had some pass breakups. They went at him a few times. Good learning experience I think for them to get as many reps as they did you know in their first game as an NFL player. So, we'll take a look at the tape, and correct the things two need to correct. But overall, just from standing on the sidelines I thought they did a pretty good job."

On the offensive line's performance:

"Yeah, I'd say let's look at the tape on the interior and the outside. I mean there's things that happen quick that you look at the whole offensive line, defensive line. The line of scrimmage stuff. Do a deeper dive into that on the way home on the airplane."

On Giants C John Michael Schmitz Jr.'s response to the environment of his first game:

"Yeah no, snap procedure was good with him. But again, before I tell you, I don't think that would be unfair to him."

On Giants QB Tommy DeVito's performance:

"Yeah, I thought he did a nice job. He operated well. He had a play, obviously we threw the interception there at the end, but it was fourth-and-15, and he hit a play like that in camp early on. Where it was fourth-and-15, and he threw checkdown for five yards. And obviously he threw it up to try to give him a chance. They made a play on it. But I thought he operated well. Made some good decisions. Used his legs. He was under some pressure sometimes there. Took care of the ball on some of those sacks. So definitely a performance to work off of."

On the connection between Giants TE Tommy Sweeney and Giants QB Tommy DeVito:

"Yeah, I know they'd like to get a couple more of those. But it was – I think probably pretty cool for those two guys. I think he was a freshman when Sweeney was a senior. So sudden change you got there on the 13-yard line, and he made a nice rail swing, made a nice catch. Got to be able to do that more when we get the ball down there."

On evaluating Giants QB Tommy DeVito during the variability of the preseason:

"Yeah, how he operates. Really there's so many things for a quarterback before the play even starts. The communication process from mic to him, him to the huddle, then the – if there's a shift. If there's a movement, making sure guys are set. Then the cadence. All the stuff pre-snap for a young quarterback before the play even gets going. Now look, it's basic stuff you're seeing in the preseason. There's no gameplan and there's not a lot of coverages but he went where he was supposed to go with the ball most of the time. He did a good job for his first time."

On the severity of Giants CB Cor'Dale Flott's and WR Collin Johnson's injuries:

"I don't (know). I haven't even talked to the trainers yet. Other than just on the field they told me they were out. Collin, I think was his knee, and I got to see what it was for Flott. (Giants CB) Nick (McCloud)'s stomach I think, something he got hit in the stomach, but I don't know any – to the extent of it."

On Giants G Tyre Phillips injury status:

"Yeah, he got dinged up. That was the leg I was telling you about in practice. I think I told you guys that one practice, him and someone had an ankle."

On Giants WR Isaiah Hodgins playing briefly:

"No, I thought it was good for him. He was a practice squad player for a while there and came on with us late, so I thought it was good to get him some reps early on with (Giants QB) Tyrod (Taylor)."

On the Lions 95-yard touchdown punt return:

"First thing is we had 10 guys on the field, so we had to burn a timeout, so that's not good. That falls on me, and then I just saw him break off to the sideline and it was 95 yards, right? Give them credit, it was a heck of a play. We'll take a look at it on tape, but usually when you give up those long punt returns, it's a momentum changer."

On if Giants NT Jordan Riley is a player that can help in games:

"Yeah, I think I'd have to go back and take a look at it – yeah, no I think he's – (Giants Defensive Line Coach Andre Patterson) Dre and (Giants Assistant Defensive Line coach) Bryan Cox do a great job with the defensive line and you see continual improvement from whether it be (Giants DL) Dexter (Lawrence II) or (Giants DL Leonard Williams) Leo or some of the young guys. This is one of them I think, he's taking to the coaching, he's doing a good job listening to the older players. I think he's made some strides from the beginning of camp to where he is now. We'll see how it translates on the field here."

On what he wanted to get out of his team this week:

"I think it's just next step, part of the process. The practices and now the game and there's a lot of guys, particularly young guys that played in competitive spots and now to sit back and evaluate some of the things that we can fix and help those guys with, both as players and as coaches. This is the first game we coached in a while and there's plenty of things we can all do better, and that's – hopefully next week you improve on the things that weren't as good and make some strides for the next few days until we play Carolina."

On the guys that didn't play:

"Yeah, they want to get a good workout in. Weren't going to get any playing time tonight, so (Giants QB) Danny (Jones) organized a workout with a guys that weren't going to play."
Last line from Coach  
Giant16 : 8/12/2023 10:39 am : link
On the guys that didn't play:

"Yeah, they want to get a good workout in. Weren't going to get any playing time tonight, so (Giants QB) Danny (Jones) organized a workout with a guys that weren't going to play."

Nice... keep Leading DJ. As a separate matter, it seems Jones has been first in last out of the facility the entire offseason. I hope the staff monitors his amount of work & he gets sufficient rest to continue to play strong through February.
Daboll has a verbal crutch...  
jnoble : 8/12/2023 3:15 pm : link
starting off all of his answers with "yeah..."

Similar to Coughlin who couldn't not say "outstanding" or "opportunity" at least two or three times each during a presser
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