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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/16/2023 4:26 pm
Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams

Q. How much did you get out of the Detroit practices?

A: A lot, I mean sometimes going into it you are not the happiest about joint practices, there are a lot of fights and stuff like that that happens, but I think both teams did a good job of not doing that. Got some good competition and work in. We go against the same guys so much in camp, our own teammates, that it's good to switch it up and go against a different technique, a different scheme, a different team.

Q. What changed from year one, year two schematically for you guys up front?

A: I'm not sure too much has changed right now but overall, as a player I just feel more comfortable in the system just because I have had a year of it under my belt. I'm not so much focused on learning the plays, I'm more focused on how to execute the plays now. There is a little bit of a difference in trying to figure out where I need to be and now, I am figuring out what's the best way I can get to that spot, you know what I mean? It's a little bit different, I am more focused on technique and stuff like that, more than learning the playbook.

Q. (Defensive coordinator) Wink (Martindale) shared yesterday that he pretty much asked (outside linebacker) Kayvon (Thibodeaux) for more in front of the defense during a 'keep it real' period. As a guy who has been a premier player in the league on defense, if a coach does call you directly to step up, is that something that sometimes is called for, that you actually welcome as a player, for a coach to do?

A: I would say so. As a player, I have never wanted a coach to be a yes man. That's the coach's job is to push us and get the best potential out of us as they can. Sometimes it takes that little extra push and fire under us to get us going and honestly, going on nine years of playing, I have never had a coach keep it real like that before and I think the guys respect it, honestly. Sometimes in camp guys are trying to make the team and stuff like that and they don't really know how the coaches see them or where they fit on the roster and stuff like that. In those keep it real meetings, he goes down every single player. It's not just Kayvon, or not just me, or not just anybody. He addresses every single individual and lets you know exactly how he feels, and I think the guys respect it.

Q. By how much is Wink the realest coach that you have had?

A: I don't know by how much, but like I said I am going into year nine and that's the first time that I have seen that. It eliminates a lot of wondering, a lot of chattering, meaning sometimes guys will go into the locker room and be like, 'I don't know how coach feels about me' or 'I don't know how this guy sees me here' or stuff like that. He does these pretty often and he does them throughout the season, he does them anytime it's necessary. I think it's valuable for the defense and valuable for the team.

Q. Whatever it was that was bothering you early in camp that you took a few days, did that quiet down or do you feel completely healthy right now?

A: Yeah, I feel great. I felt great then. I think the coaches were just taking care of me, just going into year nine, got a little bit of vet treatment.

Q. Did you like that?

A: Yeah, I liked that (laughs).
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