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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/23/2023 5:05 pm

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q. What did you like when you looked back on that opening series, the way you guys executed?

A: I thought we were sharp. I thought each group executed well together. The guys up front did a really good job in protection and guys got open and made plays. Thought we communicated, we were in and out of the huddle well. A lot of those kind of basic things that you look for in your first time in a game situation. Thought it was good to build of off.

Q. Just looking at that with (tight end Darren) Waller, just your chemistry early on, how exciting is that?

A: It's been good. It's been good, we've got on the same page in practice, and he's shown up and made a lot of big plays for us and it was good to see it in a game, but certainly wasn't a surprise to any of us.

Q. Do you view your athleticism and running the ball as an essential part of your game and your offense or would you like to see this years offense be more of a down field passing attack that doesn't rely as much on that?

A: I think we just want to win games, score points and win games. However we do that, I don't think any of us really care too much about that. Using my legs or throwing the ball down field, however it comes I think we are just trying to score points and be as effective as we can as a group.

Q. Where do you stand on wanting to play in the third preseason game or needing more work?

A: Obviously, that's the head coach's call, that's Dabs' (head coach Brian Daboll) call and whatever decision he makes, it's our job to make it work and we will be good with it. Yeah, we are preparing and getting ready to go and he'll make that call.

Q. How do you compare the talent around in terms of, especially the skills positions, now to last year at this time?

A: I think it's just a different group of guys. I think some of the same guys and then we brought in a few guys who bring different skillsets. I think they've all done a really good job kind of getting on the same page and getting into the flow, understanding what this offense is and how we do things as a group, as a team. Yeah, I think we have a lot of dynamic playmakers.

Q: Is there an area in training camp that you think your team or the offense came the farthest? From when training camp started until we stand here now?

A: I don't know. I don't know if there's necessarily one area. I think we've made progress across the board in everything that we've focused on. I think we're playing fast right now. We're not done; there's still work we need to do, and we've got a couple of weeks to do it. That's what we'll focus on, but I think we've made steps kind of across the board.

Q: How scary is that when something happens like that on the field with (tight end) Tommy (Sweeney)?

A: Yeah, that was extremely scary. You never want to see that on the field. I haven't been inside yet to see how he's doing but heard he's doing okay and is up, so definitely thinking about him.

Q: Whether you play or not, as a quarterback, do you pay attention to a guy like (Jets quarterback) Aaron Rodgers when he's out there just to see how he does his craft?

A: Yeah, I think you're always watching the other quarterback, whether that's on film or obviously in a game situation and studying them. Certainly, a guy like Aaron Rodgers, who's played at the level he has for as long as he has. Looking forward to watching.

Q: There's a report that you put on about 10 pounds of muscle this offseason. Is that accurate? Did you bulk up more?

A: No (laughs). I'm a little bit heavier and maybe a little bit stronger, a little bit faster, but 10 pounds might be an exaggeration.

Q: Is there anything to gain advantage wise for you guys as you're going there Saturday night, knowing that if they do play their first team defense, even if you're not playing, the idea of preparing, getting to see them up close, knowing that you're going to see them at the end of October? I know a lot of things can change, but can you gain something from being able to see them out there and knowing that defense might be the one you're facing?

A: Yeah, I think so. For sure. Like I said, we're preparing to play and studying them on film trying to get a sense for their system, how they do things on defense. Then yeah, in the game we'll see how they adjust to certain things and try to learn as much as we can knowing that we play them down the road.

Q: What do you make of sort of sharing the city with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers and the fact that the Jets are a hot topic and they're getting a lot of attention?

A: I don't put a whole lot of thought into that. I'm focused on being the best quarterback for this team that I can be and doing everything I can to win games. I've got a ton of respect for Aaron Rodgers and their team, but just kind of focused on what we're doing.
a little bit faster?  
islander1 : 8/23/2023 5:28 pm : link
oh boy NFL, get ready
Q: There's a report  
Ira : 8/23/2023 5:58 pm : link
that you put on about 10 pounds of muscle this offseason. Is that accurate? Did you bulk up more?

A: No (laughs). I'm a little bit heavier and maybe a little bit stronger, a little bit faster, but 10 pounds might be an exaggeration.
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