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Transcript: Wide Receiver Jalin Hyatt

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/30/2023 6:11 pm
Wide Receiver Jalin Hyatt

Q. On Odell Beckham Jr.

A: I met him down in AZ during the draft process. He was working out and we started talking. At first, I didn't know – I was surprised he knew who I was. It shows a lot of love that he has for the Giants. A lot of respect for him.

Q. What was the problem with 84?

A: It was no problem. I was trying to decide which one I wanted. If I wanted to stick with 84 or try to do something different, but I decided 13.

Q. Is there a story behind the number?

A: There's no story behind it. I just want to start my own legacy with it and do my best for the Giants in number 13.

Q. Was the decision all yours? Did you turn to anyone to ask their opinion on it at all?

A: Most of the decision was mine. I asked some of my teammates what they thought, and they told me, "You should do it", so I decided to make that change. I can't wait to go out there week one with that jersey number and do what I do.

Q. Did that (Baltimore Ravens receiver) Odell (Beckham Jr.) part of it click in your head when you first thought about it?

A: It definitely did. What he did here – had a great career with the Giants and kind of took over. I was a fan when I was young watching him. High school, college, and now being here, but just with the jersey number, it's just one of those things I wanted to start my own legacy. I like low numbers, and if I had to choose a number it'd be 11, but it's retired here, so can't go with that one, so 13 would be the next option.

Q. The next best option.

A: Yep.

Q. From the player who arrived here in OTA's/minicamp to the one now that's getting ready for this break before the opener, how much growth has Jalin seen in himself?

A: I've seen a lot of growth. It starts with the guys you go against in practice every day. We have some great competitors here. It starts with your habits; I've learned some good habits here, and it start with being in the film room more with (quarterback Daniel Jones) DJ and just trying to connect with everything and try to get a rhythm for myself and get comfortable just in the playbook and in this offense and do whatever they need me to do. So, a ton of growth since day one.

Oh that's good. Should be minimal traffic when he lands  
Blue21 : 8/30/2023 6:29 pm : link
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