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Transcript: Outside Linebacker Boogie Basham

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/30/2023 6:12 pm
Outside Linebacker Boogie Basham

Q. What have the last 48 hours been for you?

A: I'd probably say it's been crazy, but it's also a blessing to keep playing football, for sure. No matter where it's at. For me, it's going out there for my family, playing for these guys. They don't really know me yet, but I am definitely a team player, ready to give all I've got.

Q. You know a couple people here, right? (Wide receiver) Isaiah (Hodgins) I'm sure you know from last year, a couple other guys. What's it like coming to a new situation like this?

A: It's kind of like a world shock, never been through it before. But like I said I'm always willing to change, definitely (have) to come out here and work, put the work in each and every day. That's what I'm bringing to it.

Q. How did you find out you'd been traded, and did it take you by surprise?

A: I was eating breakfast at the stadium and then they called me to the side and said you're getting traded right then. Had to make that quick transition to come out here yesterday.

Q. Did they let you finish your breakfast?

A: I barely finished it, so I just finished it, yeah.

Q. How do you look at this, a new chance, a new environment? Did you talk to Isaiah and (cornerback) Nick (McCloud)? Didn't have to go far to talk to Nick…

A: I would definitely say it's a new opportunity, new beginning for me, that's how I am looking at it. Everything that's in the past is in the past, now it's just looking forward, having that same mindset. I talked to Isaiah in the offseason, we both live in Arizona so that relationship always kept there. Me and Nick just go all the way back to college, so we always had a connection. It was a smooth transition having people here that you know is good.

Q. How would you describe what happened in Buffalo? What would you describe it as?

A: I would say just it is what it is, it's part of the business. No hatred towards them at all. Thankful for the opportunity, but now it's just all about the Giants. I'm here and ready to play ball.

Q. Do you wish there had been more opportunity there? You played but you never got the chance to start.

A: Some part of me is like I wish that would have happened, but then like I said I am here now and that's all I can focus on, not really worried about the past too much.

Q. Have you got a chance to talk to (Senior Vice President and General Manager) Joe Schoen since you got here and what was that like? You guys probably knew each other.

A: Yeah, yesterday I flew in around 2:30, 3 o'clock. Went through all the medical stuff, came here, Joe Schoen, big hug, dap up, good to see you again. He's the reason I got drafted in Buffalo in the first place. To come in here, he wanted me here, so that's like a little bond we got right there for sure.

Q. You say he's the reason you got drafted, was he like one of the scouts, one of the first scouts?

A: Yeah, one of the first scouts that contacted me, talked to me in the process and he was like, 'I really want you in Buffalo.' I knew it was going to happen eventually, just had that bond with him before he left Buffalo.

Q. Probably about a year and a half from now you thought it was going to happen.

A: Yeah, but you know, it is what it is.

Q. How about the idea that Dabs (Head Coach Brain Daboll) was your offensive coordinator, that you remember and now he's the head guy?

A: He always had that mindset that he wanted to be a head coach, even when he was an offensive coordinator. Just a matter of time. I'm thankful that I get the opportunity to play for him. He's crazy, you know he's got his little sayings here and there, I'm already used to it, but it's a great opportunity.

Q. What has (defensive coordinator) Wink (Martindale) said to you, if anything yet?

A: Just physical, knock back, that's all they need me to do. The rest of it will come.

Q. You've mostly been a hand in the dirt edge rusher, right? So, this is going to be a different role for you. When was the last time you played as a standup linebacker?

A: I'd probably say bits and pieces here in Buffalo, it wasn't too much, like all the time. Just kind of something that I could transition to.

Q. Did you like it when you did it?

A: Oh yeah, I could see a little more. Change is always good so that's how I look at it.

Q. Is the leverage different? It seems like it would just be a different way to position your body.

A: Yeah, you're standing up, so you are a little higher so sometimes you just have to adjust your body a little bit.
Love the part about him being Schoen’s guy  
Justlurking : 8/30/2023 6:48 pm : link
Just shows the staff is all on the same page and actually have a real vision for the players they want. Seems like he can be a real player.
This is a true test of Joe’s scouting skills  
Giantimistic : 8/30/2023 7:36 pm : link
If this truest was his guy he probably thought he was being used wrong in Buffalo. There is such a clear vision with coaches and and GM on the giants now.
Losing you job is never fun. Getting hired elsewhere is good, but  
Marty in Albany : 8/31/2023 7:40 am : link
there is a difference between getting hired by strangers who are filling a vacancy, compared to getting hired by people that you know who specifically want YOU!

That has to be great for Basham. It has to give him confidence that he has found a new home with the Giants. It has to eliminate a bunch of worries and allow him to focus on his new job.

Q. Did they let you finish your breakfast?  
ThomasG : 8/31/2023 8:07 am : link

The in-depth questioning from the beats never stops.
RE: Q. Did they let you finish your breakfast?  
HMunster : 8/31/2023 8:42 am : link
In comment 16189056 ThomasG said:

The in-depth questioning from the beats never stops.

I actually liked it. It's light hearted and was said as a joke. It lightens the mood and develops a rapport. From the journalist's standpoint, it works. Sure, as fans we don't care about that, but we're not the ones who do this every day.
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