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Monday Transcript: Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/11/2023 5:58 pm
Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Q: What do you look for in (Head Coach) Brian Daboll right now as a player? What do you as veteran players want to hear from your head coach to show that he can right the ship here? You've had a lot of head coaches. What's the right message a head coach can send to a team to make sure it doesn't spiral?

A: Pretty much just not changing. Doing the things that we've been doing. Obviously, the loss is something that we didn't want in the fashion that it happened, but you don't switch up and change. Keep working, keep going. It's pretty much just going to work and getting ready for next week.

Q: How stunned were you players at the events of last night, and how that game got out of control?

A: It was just embarrassing. I know we all felt that, whether it was us as players, the coaches, the staff, the organization. It's just one of those things where you go watch the film and get those corrections and figure out how to improve and how to get better, and just be better in general. Just learn from those mistakes, and just keep pushing forward. It's always about putting the next foot in front of the other.

Q: If this were late in the season, I'd probably have a different tone to the questions for obvious reasons, but the season just started. How do you prevent it this early from almost spiraling, or for guys lacking confidence?

A: What I said earlier – just not changing. Keeping the same mentality. Understand the things that we need to correct, go there, and correct them. Just not letting your morale or your head be down. That goes with the leaders on this team, and anybody in general, just keeping that up-tempo, that positive mindset. Going to work every day and understanding that the good thing about this league is there's another week to be played, another game to be played and to showcase yourself on film, and just do that this week.

Q: How much do you guys – I know you can speak only for yourself – want to actually show a lot of what we saw in training camp, which was seemingly a really detail-oriented, efficient team. Yet none of that really was on display in Game 1 of the regular season.

A: Yeah, that's one of the tough things. That's why I said it was more embarrassing, the game and the fashion, the way it played out. But just keep going to work. I know it's probably going to sound redundant and repetitive, but just to not change.

I was talking, I don't know who I was talking to yesterday after the game, and they said, 'Do you change anything up?' And I said, 'It's like believing in God and having faith.' If something goes wrong, do you stop believing, or do you still know all the good and all the things that He's done for you? Even through the bad times and the good times, you've still got to praise Him and give Him the glory. So, for us, keep working, keep doing what we've been doing. Understand that things may happen, things may not go the way you want. But to have that foundation and that base like you said, the things that we've done in camp and OTAs, just got to showcase it and put it all out there on the line.

Q: Did (Defensive Coordinator) Wink (Martindale) have a particular message that resonated with you?

A: I think the thing was just to come in and work. It sounds so repetitive, but really just to come in to work and trying to understand that that's how you make the difference this week, with how you prepare and how you work, and how you have the mindset. It's really a mindset and how you come and handle business and work.

Q: What happened on the (Cowboys wide receiver) CeeDee Lamb play?

A: I mean, it was just a great play call, watching on film, I was just locked in on my matchup and seeing him check, just wasn't even aware of it. It was pretty much on me, no other facts like that. Just got to be more aware of the situation at hand.

Q: I know Tae (cornerback Deonte Banks) missed a half with the cramps, but how do you feel the two rookie corners held up?

A: I think they did a great job executing, being poised, playing the game comfortably. I think they did a great job.

Q: Coach Daboll was talking about how it's not fun to watch the film from that game, but you guys have to do it. How hard is it to watch that film and then how do you flush it?

A: I think if you want to get better, it shouldn't be hard to watch the film. If it means something to you and it's very important, that's what you want to do. To try and improve and get better, it's all about learning from mistakes. We talked about not being a repeat offender in this league and in this game. Just coming into work, pushing each other to be better, pushing each other to get your best and give your best, so things can be a different outcome.
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