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Transcript: Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/13/2023 4:54 pm
Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

Q. What do you think your chances are of playing Sunday?

A: I'm not sure, just day-by-day. They held me out today so we will see if I practice tomorrow and try to go from there.

Q. How were you able to get through the whole game?

A: I was just fighting through it. The adrenaline from the game, pretty much.

Q. Was it debilitating after the game, or did you feel it as the game was going on, as it was getting tighter and tighter?

A: Yeah, you definitely feel it. Playing with a hamstring, trying to anchor, trying off the ball, it's not easy, but like I said, everyone plays with injuries, try not to make excuses, just get healthy.

Q. You played through it cause of the adrenaline, do you think you could play? If you felt that way, could you play?

A: I'm not sure right now. I haven't practiced, so we will see once I step on the field how it feels. Right now, just taking it day-by-day.

Q. With two games coming up in the span of four days, how hard is it for you to kind of pace yourself? You want to be smart with your injury obviously, but you want to be out there. How have you been kind of balancing or reconciling (inaudible)?

A: Right now, I am just taking it day-by-day. That's the process that I have. It's been feeling better since it first started when I first hurt it. Just giving it time and see how it does.
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