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Giants Cards predictions?

SFGFNCGiantsFan : 9/15/2023 9:15 am
Gut feeling…I think Giants win this one rather comfortably. Giants 28-10.
oline dicey.....  
Giants86 : 9/15/2023 9:26 am : link
we should win. But I for one do not think it will be easy.

Giants 20 Cards 17
Almost afraid to watch after last week  
averagejoe : 9/15/2023 9:35 am : link
Gotta think Giants win but probably a 17-13 clunker watching two teams struggle to score. With our OL/QB combo every DC in NFL is daring us to throw downfield .
Giants 24  
Essex : 9/15/2023 9:36 am : link
Cards 7

I have...  
4xchamps : 9/15/2023 9:49 am : link
24 14 G-Men
Giants 16-10  
BrianLeonard23 : 9/15/2023 9:54 am : link
and we won’t feel much different or better about them coming out of it.
I think it's going to be a lot closer than people think  
AJ23 : 9/15/2023 9:56 am : link
And the line movement over the past 24 hours reflects that (it's moved from -5.5 to -4).

Giants 24 Cardinals 23
Not sure there is such a thing as a week 2 must-win  
BrianLeonard23 : 9/15/2023 9:56 am : link
but if there is, this is it.
Ugly game but I think we win  
The_Boss : 9/15/2023 9:59 am : link
Which will do nothing to make me feel good about the rest of the season.

I think I am officially out of the prediction business  
Rick in Dallas : 9/15/2023 10:05 am : link
When it comes to the Giants
I also think this one is going to be a close game  
gidiefor : Mod : 9/15/2023 10:15 am : link
Gannon has been part of the dismantling problem for the Giants last year. The Giants will have to assert the running game in this contest and play a very physical brand of football to win. Arizona has a very hard hitting and fast defense with several star players. They gave Washington everything they could handle last week. On the other hand their offense is not great. I see a low scoring game and back and forth slug fest in this game.

It's very important for the Giants to win this game. If the Giants can't beat Arizona it will be a looong disappointing season as this is seen as one of the easier games on their schedule, and under Gannon's first year, Arizona is certainly not a complete team yet.

Giants 17 Arizona 14
Johnny5 : 9/15/2023 10:23 am : link
I have no idea. Based on how Az looked against Washington on defense? I wouldn't at all be surprised for us to lose this game. I have no trust in our OL at all. And I hope they sit Thomas, because we can't afford to lose him for the year.

Any confidence I had in this team was completely obliterated last week, even though I did not think we would win that game. Until this organization fixes this OL we will not be able to compete with the better teams in this league (especially the ones with an even just halfway decent DL).
Cardinals 23 - Giants 16  
US1 Giants : 9/15/2023 10:30 am : link
assuming AT does not play.
Giants have their "get-right"game  
Arcade_Games : 9/15/2023 10:32 am : link
and totally destroy them
Forget issues with the O, If our D cannot win this one  
stoneman : 9/15/2023 10:32 am : link
by themselves, then its going to be a long season. Really, Winks D has to show up strong somewhere. I will be disappointed if the D does not dominate.
GMen 24  
Spider43 : 9/15/2023 10:40 am : link
Cards 21
Giants 27 - Cardinals 12  
Danny Kanell : 9/15/2023 10:45 am : link
Giants win 24-10  
Sean : 9/15/2023 10:49 am : link
Unfortunately I think we go 0-2  
TinVA : 9/15/2023 11:09 am : link
This week, Giants 10 - AZ 17.
Take the Cards and the +5.5 (last time I checked)  
Spiciest Memelord : 9/15/2023 11:15 am : link
But its definitely within the likely realm of possibility Giants win by 3 or something.
Ugly game looming  
George : 9/15/2023 11:37 am : link
Cardinals 9
Giants 6
Giants lose big, 37 - 13.  
Jack Stroud : 9/15/2023 11:39 am : link
If NYG lose, they might lose out.  
GiantSteps : 9/15/2023 11:40 am : link
Not from an intentional tank, but I don't know if they can beat anybody if they can't beat the Cards.

With that said, I think the injuries are going to make this game harder for the Giants than it would've been otherwise.

Giants 20
Cards 13
RE: Take the Cards and the +5.5 (last time I checked)  
uther99 : 9/15/2023 11:43 am : link
In comment 16206508 Spiciest Memelord said:
But its definitely within the likely realm of possibility Giants win by 3 or something.

Sounds reasonable
I'm not going there  
Carson53 : 9/15/2023 12:36 pm : link
after watching last week's debacle, I'll just wait and see.
This much I will predict, if they lose this game start the season at 0-3. If that happens...
AZ Blue : 9/15/2023 1:20 pm : link
Giants 3
Cardinals 2
Nothing but long field goals and shitty football  
JALAPEN0 : 9/15/2023 1:56 pm : link
15-6 somebody.
Giants 40  
GmeninPSL : 9/15/2023 2:02 pm : link
Cards 0

And it's a brand new season!!
The last time Jonathan Gannon faced the Giants...  
The Mike : 9/15/2023 2:11 pm : link
He not only ended our 2022 season in January, but he also established an effective blue print on how to stop our offense in its tracks, arguably the precise plan utilized by Quinn this past Sunday.

My guess is Gannon hasn't forgotten what he achieved against us. And his defense had a stellar game against Washington last Sunday. So unless Big Blue and its vaunted coaching staff gets their collective heads out of their asses, we will not win this game.

My guess is an offensive snooze-fest on both sides, with our defense scoring the only touchdown of the game: Giants win 13-12.
I was riding the good waves of confidence into week 1  
logman : 9/15/2023 2:12 pm : link
and we all know how that game turned out, but this is a game that the Giants have to win.

If Thomas plays:

31-9 Giants

If Thomas is out:

21-9 Giants
Low scoring squeaker  
jerseyboyLAX : 9/15/2023 2:36 pm : link
Giants 14 Cards 10
RE: Nothing but long field goals and shitty football  
Spiciest Memelord : 9/15/2023 3:40 pm : link
In comment 16206736 JALAPEN0 said:
15-6 somebody.

The Force is strong in this one.

Watch Gano start getting the yips.
Lines of Scrimmage : 9/15/2023 3:42 pm : link
Giants. Defense shines and the offense gets the ground game going. Some big plays by Jones in the pass game. No turnovers on O and the D gets six sacks.
Chef : 9/15/2023 3:54 pm : link
I really can't see Zona...  
bw in dc : 9/15/2023 3:57 pm : link
scoring more than 13.

I'd like to think we can score more than the Commanders. But who the hell knows...

We should have an advantage with our front seven over the Zona OL. So, I think we might get a defensive TD courtesy of Dobbs.

NYG 19
AZ 13
RE: RE: Nothing but long field goals and shitty football  
bluefin : 9/15/2023 4:32 pm : link
In comment 16206863 Spiciest Memelord said:
In comment 16206736 JALAPEN0 said:


15-6 somebody.

The Force is strong in this one.

Watch Gano start getting the yips.

RE: Indigestion  
Sec 103 : 9/15/2023 5:11 pm : link
In comment 16206879 Chef said:

M.S. : 9/15/2023 6:40 pm : link

After Sunday.....  
BillKo : 9/15/2023 7:56 pm : link
...and all the hype of us taking the next step, and believing it, I have already become somewhat disinterested. The lack of compete was very demoralzing.

I really thought if we did not win, we'd lose on a last second drive by Dallas.

Everyone on the prediction thread - huge majority - thought we'd win too.

Our schedule is tougher than last year and if Sunday was any indication we are going to struggle to 5-6 wins.

Maybe they'll put it together and right the ship but I'm already resigned to following the team, but not getting emotionally invested any more.

They've got to earn it.
no blocking  
mpinmaine : 9/15/2023 8:09 pm : link
20- 13 AZ
17-16 cards  
CV36 : 9/15/2023 9:17 pm : link
Same path as 2007.
We lose to Zona, fans and media cave on the team then they beat the niners and go on a winning streak.
Giants 20-10  
GoBigBlue16to56 : 9/15/2023 9:34 pm : link
If AT plays lots of run pounding and put Matt Peart in as a 6th lineman on Neal’s side for max protect and try some go routes with Hyatt on one side, Slayton the other and Waller in the seam to open up things for Saquon.
Tim in Eternal Blue : 9/15/2023 10:02 pm : link

We dog walk the Cardinals.

Those predicting the tanking Cardinals to beat us, can go walk their dogs in traffic. FOH.
40-0 - its symmetrical  
PatersonPlank : 9/15/2023 10:28 pm : link
and will sound cool on "This is the NFL" shows
Defense comes to play  
armstead98 : 9/15/2023 10:36 pm : link
Giants by 4 to 10 points if we can't pass pro  
SGMen : 9/16/2023 5:38 pm : link
But if we can Giants by 10 to 17.
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