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Congrats to any BBIers at the game... you made a difference

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2023 9:41 pm
it was like a home game and you caused issues for the Arizona offense.

Good job!
TheEvilLurker : 9/17/2023 9:45 pm : link
You could hear chanting for the Giants over here!
It was incredible  
PHX Giants Fan : 9/17/2023 10:07 pm : link
Giants fans all over the stadium getting in on it. So freaking proud of Giants nation!
Absolutely. Couldn't tell it was a road game.  
Blue21 : 9/17/2023 10:08 pm : link
I was reading the Cardinals "BBI" and they were saying it sounded like  
PatersonPlank : 9/17/2023 10:09 pm : link
half the stadium were Giants fans
Cardinals had a lot of false starts  
dpinzow : 9/17/2023 10:11 pm : link
when Big Blue Nation got loud in the 2nd half. You could hear it on TV
RE: I was reading the Cardinals  
Mike in Prescott : 9/17/2023 10:16 pm : link
In comment 16210770 PatersonPlank said:
half the stadium were Giants fans

That’s because almost 1/2 the stadium WERE Giants fans. The section behind the Giants bench was 90% Blue. The coaches and players heard us and fed off our cheers. It was amazing. And the long walk out was almost as much fun as the game. High 5s all around. Almost like a home game.
Exhausted After Going  
Jeffrey : 9/17/2023 10:19 pm : link
One of the most exhausting games I have attended. Thousands of Giant fans throughout the stadium. We were at least as loud as the Cardinals and in the last quarter it felt like a home game.

Many in my section were close to leaving at halftime. While several booed the team off the field at half they quickly turned around with the first score in the second half.

After watching this game I truly believe that the offense is going to be fine, but like last year it seems the defense cannot really be counted on to get stops. No pass rush and wide open receivers for the Cardinals throughout the game.
I was in Section 128 around the 40 yard line  
OdellBeckhamJr : 9/17/2023 10:26 pm : link
nothing but Giants fans around us. The back to back false starts from AZ got us going nuts. My voice is raspy! Last game I went to there was in 2011 and before Super Bowl 42. We call it the scene of the crime!
Best “road” game I’ve seen in a while  
Sec 103 : 9/17/2023 10:44 pm : link
And Capt Bill, great job getting us organized on the road!!!
The “tailgate” at State 48 Funkhouse  
cjac : 9/17/2023 11:23 pm : link
Was incredible. By 10 am there were no tables or bar stools left and it was all Giant fans. Maybe a random Card or SF fan around. Talked to the owner of the bar who’s a Giant fan. Great time

We were in section 134, row 23. I’d say that corner of the endzone was way more than 50% Giant fans. We were obviously very quiet in the first half. When DJ hit Hyatt on that first play of the second half we all woke up. It was almost like the after we scored in the 3rd Q everyone knew what the result would be.

I was in Nashville for that comeback last year, this was way way better.

One more note, on the way out of the stadium, I heard a Cardinal fan say “these folks are way better than dealing with the Dallas fans”
Thanks Eric!  
BigBlue in Keys : 9/18/2023 9:24 am : link
Thanks to everyone that came to Funkhouse before the game, it was great to then see so many of the same people inside. Talking to the owner after the game he said he thinks they were over their 440 person capacity, they've never had it that full.

Honestly I was upset the crowd was so quiet to start, even before the bad start. And I was pissed the crowd was so loud when we were on offense!! Believe me I love to be loud and cheer every play on defense and try and make it harder for the other teams offense to communicate. BUT the Giants offense seemed to react very positively to it. And you could tell the defense was definitely feeding off it and asking the crowd for more. Man it was nuts. I've got no voice today. Also the Cardinal fans were all very nice, not 1 jerk.
I Was At The Game As Well  
Trainmaster : 9/18/2023 12:28 pm : link
The Hyatt catch at the start of the second half completely changed the tone. Even after the Cardinals responded, the “Let’s Go Giants!” chants kept going.

After a Giants false start in the first half that appeared to be influenced by the loud Cardinals fan noise, the stadium scoreboard posted a stat on 206 opponent false start penalties at State Farm Stadium.

I think the Giants fan in attendance saw that stadium scoreboard stat and decided to be louder than the Cardinals fans.

There were more Cardinals fans in the stadium, but Giants fans were louder and more passionate.

During the Cardinals back to back false starts, the noise was almost deafening!

You guys rocked it out there  
Jim in Forest Hills : 9/18/2023 12:43 pm : link
I think its got to be AZ/WAS/MIA that has the most visiting Giants fans.
My friend was at the game  
Les in TO : 9/18/2023 12:46 pm : link
He said the mood among Giants fans at halftime was super bleak, saying the season was over etc.
I noted in the game thread that I could hear  
jpennyva : 9/18/2023 12:52 pm : link
the Giants fans chanting! The commentators noted it as well and I saw more camera cuts to groups of Giants fans than I think I may have ever seen at a Giants away game. Well done!
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