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Game story with highlights, pressers, and injury report

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2023 9:54 pm
Will update with transcripts when available.
New York Giants 31 – Arizona Cardinals 28 - ( New Window )
I'm not yelling!  
Boatie Warrant : 9/17/2023 10:49 pm : link
I am speaking with confidence and sterness!
Thanks Eric  
Mayo2JZ : 9/18/2023 5:58 am : link
I'm done watching, or reading, Daboll's press conferences  
Hammer : 9/18/2023 7:10 am : link
He says nothing, ever.
I truly believe the psyche of the team after that bad  
jvm52106 : 9/18/2023 7:21 am : link
Early start with Dallas continued into this week. This team is young and is made up of a lot of guys from elsewhere. (Not an excuse but a possible explanation). The whole energy of the team was off. Like a bunch of people who had a plan and then got punched in the mouth. They were listless, lacking energy and emotion.

The second half start was less game plan to cover weakness and more let's got after them and attack. Daniel Jones was on target, in command and on fire once he was allowed to. Keep mind Washington put up 35 on Denver but not anything close to that against AZ the week before. Jones and the Giants put up 31 in the second half and if they needed to I bet that would have been 35.

SF will be tough but right now I feel a bit better about this team going forward as long as they focus on dictating pace and attack vs scheme and hide short comings.

My big concern is our overrated defense, especially up front.. Thibs has done nothing so far, Williams silent, Ojualri injured as always, Ward showing serious lack of elite traits and wear and tear and our LB's are a bit thin..

Our secondary has held up fairly well considering our lack of s pass rush but that will not hold up long.

Giants may need to rely on the Offense for awhile to get things through to the back half of the season.

RE: I'm done watching, or reading, Daboll's press conferences  
BMac : 9/18/2023 8:22 am : link
In comment 16210984 Hammer said:
He says nothing, ever.

Umm...that's the point.
RE: I'm done watching, or reading, Daboll's press conferences  
Tuckrule : 9/18/2023 8:53 am : link
In comment 16210984 Hammer said:
He says nothing, ever.

That goes for all of these pressers and every single coach. What do you expect them to say? It’s just bs going through the motions because they have to
That 15 minute highlight on YouTube is good  
US1 Giants : 9/18/2023 9:41 am : link
Limited commercials and highlights of the whole game. Almost makes me think it is better than watching the game live.
I can't get away  
46and2Blue : 9/18/2023 9:48 am : link
from feeling like they just are not a very good team. The defensive performance against a bad card team shouldn't be overlooked. Zero sacks...150 or so rushing yards.
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