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Post-Game Transcript: Wide Receiver Isaiah Hodgins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/18/2023 7:53 am
Wide Receiver Isaiah Hodgins

On catching a touchdown on a special day for his family:

My son and my parents were right there in the end zone so I was able to get the ball to my son, and it was his birthday. Definitely a birthday for him to remember. He won't know it now but he'll look back on it and it will be a cool moment.

On QB Daniel Jones's ability to lead the comeback today:

His calmness and pose. Just his confidence in himself and you only act like that when you're confident. You can't be posed and sit there leading a team if you're not confident in yourself. He's confident because he prepares his ass off and throughout the whole week he's one of the hardest workers. He sits there and makes sure the wide receivers are on the same page as him. When we get that look— like on that touchdown he looked at me before to be ready. He knew it was coming. That's just how prepared he is.

On the contribution of momentum from the traveling Giants fans at the game today:

That played into it greatly. Giants fans travel like crazy. That was one of my better experiences just witnessing how deep they travel and I was just surprised that even pre-game to see how many Giants fans were out there. Salute to them and all the loyal fans out there, they definitely helped us
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