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Post-Game Transcript: Tight End Darren Waller

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/18/2023 7:55 am
Tight End Darren Waller

On how big of a hole the 20-0 first half deficit felt like:

It can be a hole if you view it that way, because at the end of the day that's the score and the result of what the first half was. If you want to do something about what that looks like it takes one individual play at a time. It doesn't take looking at the scoreboard, it doesn't take looking at the clock or worrying about what went wrong. If you handle individual plays you'll put yourself back in a position because you're going to be doing things right. That's the approach we took because a lot of times you can get distracted by saying 'we're in a jam, we need a huge play. We need this, we need that,' instead of just going out there and let's execute, let's make something happen on the first drive, let's continue that, let's continue to sustain.

On the spark on offense from WR Jalin Hyatt's:

It was a huge spark at that point in the game. Playing in the National Football League you don't know when that spark may come, of course you want it to be earlier, but that was the opportunity for us in this game and we took advantage of it. That allowed us to build some momentum and sustain some drives because we were like 'Okay this is what we are used to, this is what we've been doing since April throughout this whole process.' We know what we can do as an offense and it definitely gets you going.

On what he learned about his teammates from their comeback win:

As a guy who's had the life journey that I've had, the qualities I respect in men the most are not when things are going great and you're out running in the front and everybody's dancing and having fun, it's when things get tough, when you're in that hole. When you could start pointing fingers and getting angry and worrying about what you can get out of the game. Guys come together and that's what I respect the most out of men in life, not only just football players. Seeing that really lights me up.
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