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Post-Game Transcript: Wide Receiver Jailn Hyatt

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/18/2023 7:58 am
Wide Receiver Jailn Hyatt

On what the sideline was like after his 31-yard catch during the game-tying drive:

A lot of people came up to me hitting my head - which I don't like - but, I love these guys. I love the leaders in the room. I'm best friends with all of them and it just shows how much trust they have in me. For me to go out there and make those plays, that's just what I want to do for this team.

On when the team began believing that they could mount the comeback:

To be honest, we were believing that in the first half, we just didn't execute. We didn't do things that we wanted to do in that first half, and like we did last week, we got stuck in a corner again. Zero points in that first half, now we've got to do something that second half. We came in the locker room during halftime and Dabs (Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll) didn't say a word. I think we all knew what we had to do, and we went in that second half and everything changed. So just give credit to the leaders in the room that got us all together again. Credit to DJ (QB Daniel Jones) as well for making tough plays.

On if his quiet Week 1 performance weighed on him:

Definitely, last week I didn't do what I wanted to do personally. I had a drop. Just the effort and everything I did in that game just wasn't there. With a new week, when I came into this game I knew I had to change everything. My whole week of preparation was different. I actually was watching film 24/7 - seeing who we're playing. Not only that, DJ always standing in my corner saying "we're going to get the ball to you, we're going to get the ball to you." That's what he did and I think that just goes back to our leadership.
"Dabs didn't say a word"  
kelsto811 : 9/18/2023 8:07 am : link
Everyone asking what his halftime speech was and he was so pissed he said nothing 😂
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