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Random post game thoughts

3rd and a cab ride : 9/18/2023 9:19 am
O line - this rag tag collection thrown together through adversity played much better than expected, the line however remains the biggest limiting factor for the O.

Receivers - this is the most exciting group in a long time Hyatt and Slayton add so much and create so much space for the rest of the O. Can the line keep the QB upright long enough to take deep shots?

Defence - zero run stops, zero pressure, close to embarrassing. I got short down for saying I was underwhelmed by Wink pre-season,- nothing so far has changed my view.

Rookie corners - absolutely not the problem I hope they continue to grow, they are both potentially valuable pieces for a long time.

Next game - I cant see a single position group where the Giants are better than the 49ers. I hope people don't lose their minds if this game goes belly up.
could be wrong but  
Dr. D : 9/18/2023 9:29 am : link
I think most people are expecting this game to go belly up, so don't think anyone's going to lose their mind.
they barley got away  
46and2Blue : 9/18/2023 9:43 am : link
from the Cards, the 49rs, should give them a sound beating on Thursday. More than the OL. the DL is the most concerning. Mainly because they were supposed to be the strength of this team
We're all going to become alcoholics  
gtt350 : 9/18/2023 9:45 am : link
RE: We're all going to become alcoholics  
ajr2456 : 9/18/2023 10:00 am : link
In comment 16211220 gtt350 said:

We’re not already?
I thoght the addition  
HewlettGiant : 9/18/2023 10:29 am : link
Of Nacho and A'Shawn, plus the remendous play of Jordan Riley in pre-season would fortify that group, but Connor was making them non-existent. Was it once gain the LB's ? Okerake was out of position or taken out of the play quite a bit and Ward, X-Man......Thibs...McFadden...did play well.

Wink has his work cut out.
To add to the OP  
3rd and a cab ride : 9/18/2023 1:10 pm : link
I probably got the losing their minds bit wrong, I was close to ordering a new TV remote last night however!
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