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NFT: Knicks Chat: Randle leaving CAA

bceagle05 : 9/18/2023 2:41 pm
Julius Randle has left CAA and signed with WME, @WME_Sports announces. CAA had repped Randle since he came into the league.
Perhaps this is the beginning of the end.  
bceagle05 : 9/18/2023 2:42 pm : link
I dont think it means he is being traded  
nygiants16 : 9/18/2023 2:48 pm : link
but it is interesting that he would leave CAA when the president of the Knicks ran CAA
Yeah, I don’t think anything is imminent  
bceagle05 : 9/18/2023 2:52 pm : link
but maybe the relationship between Julius and the team isn’t quite as close as it’s been.
RE: Yeah, I don’t think anything is imminent  
81_Great_Dane : 9/18/2023 3:11 pm : link
In comment 16211969 bceagle05 said:
but maybe the relationship between Julius and the team isn’t quite as close as it’s been.

The WME people probably said something to the effect of "Those CAA guys are so close with Leon Rose. How can you be sure they're really looking out for you? We have great releationships around the league and no conflict when working with the Knicks."

Which is sort of true. I worked for a mid-major agency in the entertainment business long ago and was repped by William Morris for a while. So was a family member. The agents and agencies really are out for themselves, but most of the time the client's interest and the agent's interest are aligned. But sometimes the agency does things that aren't in the individual client's interest. WMA made a deal for my family member that benefitted the agency and several other WMA clients but didn't do right by my family member. (Of course, WMA became WME.)

Also, while relationships with clients are important, relationships with buyers are more important in the long run. Clients come and go but the agent needs to keep working with the buyers. In sports, that's the teams, GMs, etc. The mega-clients like A-list movie stars and directors are an exception; the individual agent will protect those relationships at pretty much all costs. I've seen an instance in the entertainment industry where a mega-client writer-producer and his agent were on one side and the agency was on the other. The agent was fighting for his client against his own bosses. That happens too.

But even an All-Star like Randle may not be able to be certain that a CAA is really looking out for him, because their company is so close with the people they're negotiating with.

There's an old Hollywood joke: An old agent takes a new agent to lunch. All through lunch, the old agent explains the business to the young agent. Hours go by. Finally, the young agent says "Ok, I think I get it. But tell me again: What do they do for their 90 percent?"

It's funny because it's true.
seems like  
Enzo : 9/18/2023 3:13 pm : link
it might not be a big deal.

The Strickland
It appears that Julius Randle is reuniting with former CAA agent Andrew Thomas, who joined WME in February 2022.

However, I believe he became extension eligible on the two year anniversary of his current deal - which was in August. Perhaps this means he wants a big money extension and the front office isn't willing?
RE: Perhaps this is the beginning of the end.  
Spider43 : 9/18/2023 4:00 pm : link
In comment 16211948 bceagle05 said:

From your keyboard, to whoever's up there's eyes...
DanMetroMan : 9/18/2023 4:10 pm : link
like the story is, his actual agent at CAA (Andrew Thomas) left CAA for WME and Randle is joining him.
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