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Giants snap count in shotgun......Go!

LS : 9/18/2023 7:29 pm
This is what Jones would call out right before every snap in the shotgun yesterday. I don't know if it was like that against Dallas? But trying to understand why they don't try to deceive the defense a little on the snap count, or if they've always did this? It seems the defense gets the same cue as the center does to start the play.
That's not...  
Brown_Hornet : 9/18/2023 8:56 pm : link
... particularly odd.
I don't know what the issue is...  
knowledgetimmons : 9/19/2023 10:36 am : link
But my brain started to think late in the Dallas game that someone on the offensive line, or DJ has a tell. Maybe it's Schmitz?

Something is going on for sure that tips off the defense and allows them to time the snap perfectly, very frequently.
It's tough to play games with the cadence and hard count  
Gatorade Dunk : 9/19/2023 10:46 am : link
when you're playing on the road.

This past week was a road game, and week 1 might as well have been in Dallas once the Cowboys had their foot on the Giants' throats.
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