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Transcript: Running Back Matt Brieda

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/19/2023 7:49 pm
Running Back Matt Brieda

Q. What's this opportunity like for you?

A: I just want to go out there and play for my team. At the end of the day, I'm grateful to still be playing in the NFL, you know I came undrafted, so just to be here I am blessed and whatever my team needs me to do, I'm going to do.

Q. I am sure you have communicated with (running back) Saquon (Barkley), what were those words like?

A: As far as I know, it's a game time decision, so I guess we will see on Thursday.

Q. No, I meant did he talk to you, as running backs, you talk.

A: Oh, I mean we always talk, every day. I mean, me and him got each other's back, you know what I mean? Even, the whole season, we've got each other's back, just like (running back) Gary (Brightwell) does and (running back) Eric (Gray) does, whenever he needs a break, we go in. It's one of those things where I feel like we've got a great running back room and whoever is out there is going to do a good job.

Q. It's been a few years since you've kind of been a number one back, do you feel ready if you have 20-25 carries?

A: I mean, yeah. Like I said, I came into the league, I was fifth string, and then I was a starter at one point, so this is nothing new to me, I've been playing. Football is football at the end of the day, you go out there and play, so it's nothing new.

Q. Saquon had an extremely high percentage of the snaps in that game the other night. Is that something that you feel you can step in and do that, or do you think that if Saquon can't go, it's going to be more of like a committee thing?

A: Like I said, whatever they want me to do, I'm going to do. If I've got to play 80 snaps, 100 snaps, like I said I've been a starter before so it's nothing new to me. At the end of the day if he can't go, we are all ready to step up and do our part. Like I said, he's a game time decision so we will see.

Q. Do you find it interesting that you are going back in this situation to a place where you began your career?

A: Yeah, I mean I've already played here before after I had left. It's always good to go back, you know, some of my old teammates (49ers tight end George) Kittle, (49ers wide receiver) Deebo (Samuel), (49ers defensive lineman Nick) Bosa, all of them over there, so it'll be good to see them. I think it's going to be a good atmosphere, the guys will be ready, so it's going to be a good game.

Q. Do you think most people that you led that team in rushing one year?

A: Probably, yeah. I have people still coming to me these days talking about they had me on they fantasy team and stuff like that, which I don't care about (laughs), but no, like I said, it's a blessing to be able to go back and play at the place where I started. It'll be a good night.

Q. You were in that offense for a few years, what makes it so effective?

A: I think the players and then the coaching. (49ers head coach) Kyle Shanahan, he does a good job of with a lot of the motions and stuff. A lot of it may look different, but a lot of it is actually the same stuff and I think he is able to move guys around and guys are so versatile. When you have guys like Deebo and (49ers fullback Kyle) Juszczyk, that can play multiple positions, it makes hard for defenses to stop.

Q. What it's like for you, playing under (head coach Brian) Daboll, having obviously been with him in Buffalo as well?

A: It's awesome. Dabs is a players' coach. I think there is a reason why you see players fight until the end. It's been like since he's been here, it's been like that in Buffalo. We believe in him. He is very real, very raw and I think that's what a lot of players need. They've got to believe in the coach if you want to win and everyone here is bought in and I think you've guys saw that on Sunday when we played the Cardinals. I don't think anyone thought we were going to win that game and we came back and won.

Q. Do you think you were going to win that game?

A: Of course. I mean, if we've got a shot and there's time on the clock, with this team we're going to do everything we've got to do to win. It's been proven last year and then obviously on Sunday. Anytime we've got a shot, we're going to keep fighting.

Q. You mentioned as far as Saquon as a game time decision, that's how you've been treating it. As far as game prep this week, has it been any different with the run game and what's that looked like?

A: No, it's been the same. Like I said, I think we have the guys and the right guys in the running back room to step up if he does not play but hasn't doesn't changed anything. I don't think anyone's in here panicking. It's a long season, I think we'll be okay.

Q. Have you talked to Saquon? In terms of, it sounds like he wants to play…

A: Of course, Saquon's a competitor. If he can be out there, he's going to be out there. I haven't really talked to him too much; he's been in a lot of treatment and getting ready for the game but if he can be out there, I know Saquon's going to play for the team, so he'll be out there.

Q. What do you see when you watch (49ers linebacker) Fred Warner on film?

A: Oh man, Fred's my guy. Me and Fred used to have one-on-ones and stuff like that so he's probably arguably the best linebacker in the game right now as far as coverage skills and being able to diagnose plays. You've just got to be on point. Like I said, it's going to be a tough game especially because they've got (49ers linebacker Dre) Greenlaw over there, too. They've got a good defense, but I feel like we've got a good offense too, so it should be a good game.

Q. You're a veteran, obviously in this league. Will there be butterflies Thursday? Is that factoring in a little bit?

A: I still get butterflies before every game I play. If I didn't get that, I think I'd be done playing at this time. Football is one of those game that, like I said I'm blessed to be everyday to be able to play this game. I'm blessed to be able to play this long in the NFL and of course I'm going to have butterflies before the game. This is where I first played at. Nothing's going to change. My routines going to be the same, it's going to be the same, I've been here before. It's going to be exciting.

Q. What have you seen from Eric?

A: Eric Gray? Oh man, he's been definitely reliable, dependable. They've got him back there returning punts for a reason because you need a guy back there you can trust. I feel like the coaches all trust him. He gets in the game, he's going to do his thing. He's a great player and I think he'll play a long time in this league.

Q. How important is blocking against this team, for running backs?

A: Blocking? Like our offense blocking?

Q. Yeah.

A: Oh, extremely important. They've got a good defensive line, backers, safeties. I think everyone's got to be locked in on point, this defense doesn't make a lot of mistakes, so we've got to just be on point the whole game and I think we'll be fine.
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