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Anonymous 49ers Trash Talk Daniel Jones

GiantGrit : 9/23/2023 11:39 am
Per Dan Benton at Giants Wire. Pretty wild to see guys say this publicly.

(Article Starts)
Although Jones was the least of the Giants’ concerns on the night, he wasn’t able to beat the 49ers singlehandedly. And for Danny Dimes, that’s really all it takes to stir people up.

Not only did Jones catch heat on social media and from national talking heads, he also caught a few unprovoked shots from anonymous members of the 49ers.

“The dude did not want to throw the ball,” one unnamed 49ers defender told Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle. “Early on, you could tell it wasn’t gonna happen. Everything was a checkdown. At that point, we knew what time it was.”

Nothing screams “brave” like insulting another man through the comfort of anonymity.

Other anonymous 49ers also chimed in. One called Jones’ salary “unbelievable.” A second yelled out from the shadows, “That’s a travesty, man.” A third said Jones’ contract was “ridiculous.”

All four were too scared to stand by their opinion publicly, which really calls into question how strongly they believe the words that are falling off their tongues.

But some 49ers were brave enough to put their name out there. They showed far more guts than their teammates.

“A lot of people who make all that money don’t even deserve it. I think they took a chance (when they paid him). I mean, he’s not bad. And if you ain’t got nothing better,” 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw said.

“Forty million dollars a year is a lot of money,” Niners cornerback Charvarius (Mooney) Ward said.

Notice how toned down those criticisms are compared to those who shared their hot takes anonymously?

Either way, it’s considered taboo in the NFL to speak on another player’s salary. It’s a locker-room no-no and violating the league’s unwritten rules is looked down upon. Doing it all anonymously is viewed in an even more negative light and warrants no respect.
Anonymous 49ers players talk trash about Daniel Jones from the shadows - ( New Window )
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RE: Put Daniel Jones on the 49ers  
NINEster : 9/24/2023 5:27 pm : link
In comment 16218529 90.Cal said:
And they would beat the crap out of Dallas, Philly and anyone that come out the AFC… lets see just hoe far Brock can take them… looks like Sam Darnold can lead that team all he has to do is hand the ball off and throe screens

Nope, that would absolutely not happen. What Jones would be better than Purdy at would be of little benefit in a Shanahan offense, and what Purdy's better at already benefits them immensely.

Purdy is doing a lot more than you think he is.

Trust me, I'm no homer.

Niner QBs since Steve Young have had to truly prove they belong by winning a Super Bowl. I get it, because no longer can you beat the GOAT with just defense....
I really doubt  
NINEster : 9/24/2023 5:28 pm : link
Niner players talked shit about Jones.

They haven't done this about anyone else to my knowledge.
Sounds a lot like  
David B. : 9/24/2023 8:50 pm : link
Much of the shit I've been reading about Jones here since he was drafted.
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: he's a white player  
90.Cal : 9/26/2023 4:04 pm : link
In comment 16219239 j_rud said:
In comment 16218849 90.Cal said:


In comment 16218616 Toth029 said:


In comment 16218533 90.Cal said:


In comment 16218526 bc4life said:


you think that makes a difference?

No… don't be a retard.

Its just easy to roll with the media driven narrative that DJ has gotten since he entered the league… over drafted… then a bust/turnover machine… then over paid… DJ wont get any respect until he wins this division at the bare minimum.

Well NFL players voted Justin Fields as a Top 100 Player at 86 and above Trevor Lawrence who is without a doubt been more productive and is more talented.

NFL players may be rich and talented athletically, but many of them are ignorant, perhaps illiterate and some probably racist and/or anti semitic (like we saw with the Desean Jackson case).

So you dont think maybe QB Justin Fields RUSHING for over 1,200 yards last year had absolutely nothing to do with it though? You go straight to race first? Because some idiot on ESPN or wherever said it was racist the Giants drafted Jones over Haskins?

Alot of people on BBI showing their true colors/color (pun intended) today.

Imagine maintaining an opinion that requires you to defend Justin Fields as a top player in the league. It's Sunday morning, I'm gonna need a solid 15 minute stretch to take part in those gymnastics. He's going to be out of a job by the end of the year. What about Toth's description is inaccurate or problematic?

Im not even sure why I responded, you went right to "Well agree with me or you're racist", which is why so many people are afraid to have these conversations in the first place.

Because NFL players think Justin Fields was barely better than Trevor Lawrence last year (which is hardly a ‘stretch’ at all) Toth just assumes that many of them must be ignorant and racist like DeSean Jackson… and you see nothing wrong with that? God help us
Take a guess what players Toth thinks are ignorant and racist  
90.Cal : 9/26/2023 4:06 pm : link
… the black ones, obviously. What a load of garbage.
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