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How will the 2023 seaon unfold for the Giants?

M.S. : 9/24/2023 10:51 am

Look into your crystal ball and what do you see? Interested in what you're thinking about after 22 games under the Brian Daboll regime. My thoughts/guesses can be summarized as follows:

#1 -- Who the hell knows how the Giants perform this season? It's too dependent on injuries, young player development and just plain ol' dumb luck.

#2 -- It will be more or less a re-run of Daboll's tenure so far in which the Giants win several games against bad-to-mediocre teams while getting blown out by top echelon teams.

#3 -- Or, maybe #2 is just not that realistic since, if the Giants continue to perform so poorly against the NFL's best, then they are also vulnerable to everyone else, thus limiting the number of wins in 2023.

#4 -- The Giants will continue to win the majority of games against bad-to-mediocre teams, and we will also see them start to perform better against the top echelon. They may not win against top teams, but we should begin to see more competitive games.

22 games?  
gidiefor : Mod : 9/24/2023 11:10 am : link
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 9/24/2023 11:13 am : link
22 games: 10-8-1 last season including postseason. 1-2 this season. Thus the 22.
I expect growth  
Sean : 9/24/2023 11:16 am : link
That could look like a 7-10 season but playing well down the stretch and competing against Philly. I just want to see improvement as the year goes on.
Mix of 1 and 2  
Sammo85 : 9/24/2023 11:18 am : link
I think people really are walking around ignoring or still riding on high on the playoff berth last year with disregarding facts that the quality of roster is still a problem and dependability and consistency of some of our star personnel is still poor.

I said in summer I don’t see anything more than 7 wins and could even see a 5 or 6 win finish. Still feel that way.
I'm not sure how this season will go.  
SirLoinOfBeef : 9/24/2023 11:20 am : link
However if it goes downhill, I have a good feeling we'll know the "Why" sooner than later.

I'm a big Brian Daboll fan. I didn't care for his pre-season program, but there's a lot of people involved in that decision IMO. I say take the training wheels off and let him coach. Patience be dammed I say.

We may not win either way, but it's better than seeing how things play out I feel.

The Seattle game is massive  
Chris684 : 9/24/2023 11:22 am : link
A win next Monday can really go a long way not only in the short term but for what might possibly be a very crowded playoff picture for the 6th and 7th seeds.

Dallas and Philly figure to have the East and #5 seed under control until further notice.

So now you’re talking about Seattle, Detroit, Green Bay, and possibly the likes of LAR, New Orleans or Tampa in the mix as well. Every year there are surprise teams that stick around to the end.

A Seattle win means that if they can hover around .500 until mid-November there will be an opportunity for them to make a push to the playoffs. Without the Seattle victory, falling to 1-3 will cause a lot of problems both short term and playoff related.
Being dependent on rookies is always a sign  
George from PA : 9/24/2023 11:23 am : link
The best teams rookies are not vital cogs but apprenticeship in waiting.

I thought this team was closer but I also expected better from L.William, Okerake, Neal, Waller and staying healthy, especially with their best players (Barkley and Thomas).

Maybe expectation grew too much for year 2 of the most current rebuild.

I have lower expectations to beat the teams the Giants should beat. I hope, I do not need to lower them again

We will know more  
Carson53 : 9/24/2023 11:30 am : link
after the next three games, I think the next game is very close to a must win game. They are staring at two tough road games after that in Miami, and a Sunday night game in Buffalo.
1 game at a time  
giantsfanforlife : 9/24/2023 11:39 am : link
I think at this point our focus should be the team getting healthy and seeing if they correct the mistakes and show progress. At this point we shouldn't talked about playoff and just take it 1 game at a time.

If we keep playing like we did the first 3 weeks, we ain't winning alot of games and even making the playoffs.

We should just focus on Seattle for now and hope we can pull a win. Nothing is guarantee.
I want us to beat Geno so badly  
Paulie Walnuts : 9/24/2023 11:41 am : link
Guy has owned us
RE: 1 game at a time  
Optimus-NY : 9/24/2023 11:45 am : link
In comment 16219373 giantsfanforlife said:
I think at this point our focus should be the team getting healthy and seeing if they correct the mistakes and show progress. At this point we shouldn't talked about playoff and just take it 1 game at a time.

If we keep playing like we did the first 3 weeks, we ain't winning alot of games and even making the playoffs.

We should just focus on Seattle for now and hope we can pull a win. Nothing is guarantee.

I would lean towards  
TinVA : 9/24/2023 12:01 pm : link
Number 3. Unfortunately I don't see the Giants winning more than five games, and that might be a stretch. Eyes open, this is a bad team.
22 games in and he has 11 wins  
cjac : 9/24/2023 12:05 pm : link
I think .500 is a good start but I’m no thrilled with the last 15 games.

Let’s see how the next 14 go
#4. Our arrow will  
markky : 9/24/2023 12:50 pm : link
Soon be pointing up
Brutal start  
Spider43 : 9/24/2023 12:59 pm : link
Stronger finish. We'll end up close to .500 at season's end. If I put on my blue colored glasses, we might even have a shot at 9 wins. But we'll still be a better team than last season overall, record be damned. The sched will just be too difficult to overcome, a bunch of us saw this from a mile away.
Unfortunately, I see the season  
Dave on the UWS : 9/24/2023 2:37 pm : link
totally coming apart at the seems. Miami and Buffalo are going to paste them.
This is still a poor roster, the draft classes have shown nothing, and this is a BAD football team.
At this point, I’m back to wondering if Schoen and Daboll are the right guys.
At season’s end, there may be a lot more people here agreeing with me.
If we end up sub 500  
santacruzom : 9/24/2023 2:56 pm : link
We'll very likely have a top 15 pick in what looks to be an incredibly deep QB draft. And it looks like we'll have a lot of cap room. Not a bad place to be for 2024.
I said 9 - 8 to start the season and I still have 9 - 8  
SGMen : 9/24/2023 4:43 pm : link
Lets be frank: the Giants have not played well for 4 straight games. They had a solid 25 minutes against AZ the 2nd half but AZ sucks. We are not a "top 3rd of the league" team talent wise.... yet.

So we have Daboll who I believe is a better coach than Shurmur or Judge ever were. We have "potential" with our youth so I'm banking on Thibs, Neal, Banks, Hawkins, Schmitt, Ezedeu, Riley, Pinnock, Hyatt, Bellinger, McEthan all improving as the season moves along.

Beat Seattle to get the ship righted. No excuses with this big layoff to Monday night. Get healthy, win the game and stay healthy doing it. This defense will improve cause it can't get worse AND this OL will begin to get their act together with playing time.

But we will struggle against elite front seven's and OL's.
Too pessimistic  
Mike in Boston : 9/24/2023 4:51 pm : link
They get their act together and finish 12-5.
I'm opting towards #3....  
BillKo : 9/24/2023 5:23 pm : link
......but I think the team will start to play better, but the thing is, most of these games are CLOSE and winning or losing comes down to a few plays.

Last year - we made those plays, this year I think we probably come up short.

But - overall - I think we'll be a better overall team than last year even if the record (and playoffs) don't indicate that.

I was hoping this year would be the year to make the jump but opening day showed me we aren't ready against the really good teams yet.

Next year.
The Offensive line  
nochance : 9/24/2023 8:05 pm : link
I can't understand why the starting OL didn't play at least 1 quarter in the last 2 pre season games. A young line like theirs needs time to jell and get used to each other
1966 all over again  
Jim in NH : 9/24/2023 8:58 pm : link
Seahawk game will tell a lot  
GoBigBlue16to56 : 9/24/2023 9:15 pm : link
The upcoming game with Seattle will tell much about which direction the Giants are headed I feel. The Seahawks have won 2 in a row including an upset win on the road vs the kneecap biting Lions. The Seahawks have allowed 984 yards passing and only have 5 sacks so if we pass block at all we should have some shots down the field. They also have given up 238 yards rushing so hopefully we run the ball more than the 8 times our backs had vs SF. Their offense has scored 87 points so they can move the ball and have a good rushing attack with 313 yards. Geno Smith has been playing great with 4td passes,68.9% and only 1 interception. Pete Carroll knows what he is doing. If we beat them we go to 2-2 and I think a 9 win season is possible. If we lose 😢
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