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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/3/2023 8:17 am
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: What did you see at the goal line with that interception? What were you trying to do?

A: I just felt like the coverage was soft, trying to find someone in the zone and yeah, obviously, terrible decision and awful mistake, so I can't afford to do that.

Q: You were sacked ten times tonight. How difficult is to play under those circumstances when you're under that much pressure?

A: I mean give credit to their defense. They rush hard and play well together, but I've got to do a better job getting through my reads, getting the ball out of my hand, and making quick decisions, so I'll definitely look to work on that.

Q: The broadcast showed some clips of (Giants Head Coach Brian) Daboll kind of expressing frustration. Do you care to kind of comment on what those interactions were like? I think that was after the interception.

A: I think we're all frustrated, so I know I've got to play better and I'm going to work as hard as I possibly can to do that.

Q: What was going through your head as you were kind of just sitting on the bench towards the end of the game.

A: I mean obviously I didn't play well enough. It was unacceptable and I let the team down, so I've got to fix it. I've got to work hard to get it right and I'm going to do that.

Q: What gives you confidence that you guys can get things going in the right direction?

A: We've got the right kind of guys. We've got all the talent we need and we just have to put it together and we have to be consistent with it.

Q: You mentioned frustration. Is there any shock of where this team is now after four games?

A: Yeah, I mean no expected this to be where we were, where we are, so yeah, there's some shock but at the end of the day it's about what we do from here and getting things corrected and playing better football.

Q: You mentioned earlier in the week that you felt that the first half or the slow starts just came down to execution. Why do you think that you guys ran into that same problem today?

A: Just didn't finish drives, didn't sustain drives and finish drives when we needed to, so we've got to execute more consistently.

Q: You stressed that you feel like you let the team down. Is there ever any part of your brain that allows you to consider that some of them may have let you down too in terms of protection or different things?

A: I'm going to look at myself and study myself and see where I can improve and see where I can help this team and that's what I'm focused on. My play wasn't good enough. I know that, and that's what I'm focused on.

Q: I guess what I'm asking is, sometimes is it too much to ask of one player – you were scrambling with the ball, you were running with the ball, you were making the throws. Is that too much when there's not (Giants RB) Saquon (Barkley) out there, when the passing game isn't really working?

A: I think we all need to play better together, for sure, so that's what we're focused on as a group and I'm a big part of that so I'm going to make sure I do that.

Q: What's next for you after this loss? I know it's late, it's already close to midnight. Where do you go about fixing this?

A: Watch film, study it, and see where I can improve.
Were they trying to get him to throw someone else under the bus?  
shockeyisthebest8056 : 10/3/2023 8:20 am : link
RE: Were they trying to get him to throw someone else under the bus?  
Blackmax00 : 10/3/2023 8:32 am : link
In comment 16231010 shockeyisthebest8056 said:

Same answers as always. Got to be better blah blah blah.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 10/3/2023 8:42 am : link
Comes across as a good dude. Says the right things. But enough talk. Earn your money.
This is what it takes to be QB in NY  
Daniel in MI : 10/3/2023 9:43 am : link
You eat 11 sacks, you’re the highest rusher on the team, you only weren’t sacked more because you dodged about 8 others, you’re playing behind rookies and people playing out of position, you absorbed countless hits, and you get invited by the media to throw your OL and coaches under the bus - knowing they deserve it and the bus should back up over them, too - but you have to swallow that bile and say “I need to work on my game.”
I’m sure their is no one in that locker room that work harder than DJ  
Rick in Dallas : 10/3/2023 9:56 am : link
He’s the QB of the NY Giants and shoulders the blame for absolute horrible play of his teammates…not throwing anyone under the bus.
Does his teammates and coaches work harder than him???
This is an absolute mess.
AcidTest : 10/3/2023 10:17 am : link
is a conundrum. Record-setting performances in the second half against Arizona and in the playoff game last year against Minnesota. He's made some beautiful throws into very tight windows during his career, and of course, has gained a lot of yardage with his legs. He helped us win a lot of games last year.

But there are times were he doesn't see open receivers or set the correct protections. Is that him, or is it because he doesn't understandably trust his OL to give him time to get past one read? I don't know. He was sacked 11 times last night. Some of those may be on Jones, but he's the QB. He's desperate to make a play. That means holding on to the ball and waiting for a receiver to get open, something that seemed difficult last night because Seattle looked like they were playing their safeties deep on most plays.

That isn't to excuse Jones. Despite a terrible OL, he needs to somehow do a better job scanning the field and getting the ball out more quickly. That's a reasonable expectation given that he's now being paid $40 million. But it would still be difficult for any QB to have much success behind this OL.
Calm down guys  
Dave in PA : 10/3/2023 10:20 am : link
Daniel Jones is going to work on going through his reads more quickly
No one feels worse than Jones  
Rick in Dallas : 10/3/2023 10:22 am : link
He knows he blew it on the play on the 5 yard line.
The pass should have gone to Waller for a TD.
He made an absolutely bad decision.
Every team knows the NY Giants can't handle  
Blue21 : 10/3/2023 10:24 am : link
a blitz. They ll keep coming
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