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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2023 4:49 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: Dabs (Head Coach Brian Daboll) said on that third down late in the first half there was a miscommunication on the play call. Just curious what happened there.

A: Yeah, I heard the play wrong. So, called the wrong play.

Q: Did you hear a run, I assume? The play obviously was a run, that's what you heard?

A: Yeah, I heard the play wrong.

Q: Do you have the freedom to change that or is it in that situation you're just thinking you're calling what they want?

A: I think I can get in and out of any play. So yeah, can get in and out of any play.

Q: Do you go back and look and analyze everything – every snap, every sack, everything – to see what you did well and what you did badly?

A: Yeah. I think I always try to watch the film as closely as possible and see where I could have done something differently or could have done something better.

Q: A lot has been made of your interactions with Daboll in the game and his flipping the iPad away. What do you make of those and what do you think about that going forward, if anything?

A: I mean, we were all frustrated. Just a costly mistake. I can't afford to do that. We were all frustrated and that's part of it.

Q: You're good with that kind of hard coaching though?

A: Yeah.

Q: I know it was part of it last year. I think Tennessee comes to mind.

A: Yeah, I get it. Like I said, we were all frustrated.

Q: Do you feel shown up when that happens and that gets out on video and things?

A: No, I mean, like I said, we were all frustrated and can't afford to make that mistake.

Q: How quickly did you put that away? You take this thing's hard; how quickly can you go onto the next?

A: You've got to put it away immediately and get back out there and play ball. Can't afford to dwell on any of that very long. Obviously, after the game, you try to learn from it and see where you went wrong.

Q: The thing that (General Manager) Joe (Schoen) and Dabs said a lot last year was that you were doing everything they asked. Have they asked you to do anything differently this year?

A: No, I've just got to play better. Got to make better decisions.

Q: If (wide receiver Sterling) Shep(ard) plays more, what does he bring both in chemistry and familiarity for you, and then his talent on the field? What does that do for your offense?

A: I mean, I've got a lot of confidence and faith in Shep. I've played a lot of football with him. We've got a lot of good players, a lot of good receivers, and my job is to distribute the ball to them.

Q: How important is it for this offense if you guys want to function the way I think you would tend to that (tight end) Darren (Waller) is a bigger piece of that?

A: Yeah, I think it's important. I think it's important. He's a talented player and poses a big threat for defenses, so I've got to do a better job finding him and getting him the ball.

Q: Why do you think it hasn't happened the last couple of weeks? What do you kind of pinpoint when you look at that?

A: I think there are just some opportunities where I've got to get him the ball and get him the chance to make plays.

Q: Do you feel you and this entire offensive operation is much better than what you guys have shown so far?

A: I do. Yeah, I think we're all still confident. I'm certainly confident in the group we have and what we can be. It's about what you do on the field and what you do on game day. That's what matters. That's what we're focused on.

Q: You said the word shocked after the game. When does that wear off, that shock?

A: I think we didn't expect to be in this position, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter now. It's about what we do from here and how we correct the things we need to correct, how we improve and where we go from here. That's what we're focused on. That's what I'm focused on.

Q: How did (guard) Ben (Bredeson) do? It's kind of tough in the game to move from guard to center. You've worked together in the summer, but that's a pretty quick promotion. How do you think he did?

A: I think he did well, I think he did well. He played well. He always knows what to do. He's locked in and ready to go. I thought he played well.

Q: Did you get evaluated for anything after you hit your head in the fourth quarter?

A: No, I was good. I was good.

Q: Physically, was that as difficult a game as you've had? Besides the sacks, you're running, you're sliding, you're getting hit, you're not running out of bounds very often. Physically, was that a really demanding game that you feel afterwards?

A: I mean, some of them are going to be that way. I've certainly had physical games and I'm fine. Prepared for it and just got to get ready to go this week.

Q: You weren't extra sore or anything afterwards?

A: No.

Q: What did you see from the 10 sacks when you went back and looked at them?

A: I think there are some situations where I can get the ball out of my hands quicker and put our offense in a better situation.
G-d, i know they have a job to do, but a lot of these writers are  
Matt M. : 10/4/2023 5:04 pm : link
annoying. I don't know how more players don't lose it. Ask a question, get an answer. Ask the same question, wording it differently. Get same answer. Ask again, twisting it or trying to lead the player. Get same answer. Ask again. And then comment when the player rolls his eyes or gets impatient.
They need to stop sucking shep’s dick  
GiantsFan84 : 10/4/2023 6:06 pm : link
They like him personally and are clearly pushing an agenda. They did the same thing this off-season w trying to get them to pay Barkley.
SomeFan : 10/4/2023 6:16 pm : link
I feel a bad for Jones. I hope he can play some effective, exciting football the rest of the year.
Gotta give him credit...  
Capisce : 10/4/2023 7:42 pm : link
They were begging him to say something that could indict the Line... He didn't take the bait.
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