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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2023 6:50 pm
Head Coach Brian Daboll

Q. Any update on QB Daniel Jones?)


Q. What happened to QB Daniel Jones on play? What have you gotten from them?

BRIAN DABOLL: I haven't talked to the training staff yet. I think he'll be up here to talk. So I'll meet with those guys after this.

Q. What did you see on that play?

BRIAN DABOLL: Got hit pretty good. He's been getting hit quite a bit.

Q. You knew coming into this game obviously about their speed. Seeing it up close, did anything about it surprise you or your inability to deal with their speed?

BRIAN DABOLL: No, they're real fast. Took a lot of short passes for long gains. When you get explosive plays, it usually leads to points.

Q. Before QB Daniel Jones got hurt, why did you guys struggle to move the ball so much?

BRIAN DABOLL: It takes all 11 people, so didn't do a good enough job.

Q. How untenable is it for your quarterback getting hit so much at this point?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, you don't want that. Affecting the quarterback plays an important role in the game, and we got to figure out a way to protect him better.

Q. Do you have the personnel on your team to protect the quarterback?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I mean, we got to do better job. Just all the way around.

Q. You took OL Joshua Ezeudu out at one point. What was your thinking behind that?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, put (Matt) Peart in there, bring (Joshua Ezeudu) out, settle him down a little bit and let Peart play.

Q. How close was RB Saquon Barkley to making today?

BRIAN DABOLL: He's getting closer every week.

Q. What happened to CB Adoree' Jackson that he wasn't on the field when you gave up the 69- yard touchdown right out of the half?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, he had a little something there, and then went with the two young guys. Tua (Tagovailoa) made a good play.

Q. Was McKinney supposed to be over top?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I'm not going to go into the total depth of it, but just didn't get it quite executed.

Q. So CB Adoree' Jackson had an injury of some sort, cramps or something?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah. I think, but I don't have him on the sheet right now. It was just that time during the game.

Q. OLB Azeez Ojulari and CB Deonte Banks both came out at times. What was with them?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, Azeez (Ojulari), right here says an ankle. Don't have any update for 'Te' (Deonte Banks).

Q. What can you do about the offensive tackle position without LT Andrew Thomas coming back?

BRIAN DABOLL: We've just got to keep working with them, get them better. That's what you try to do each week.

Q. Is it bigger though than just the tackle position on the offensive line?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, I'd would just overall we have to do a better job offensively. Get back to work and try to do better job.

Q. How do you fix the penalties? You have drives that start with promise and then it just seems like it stalls because a sack or a penalty?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, tough to overcome those negative plays right now. So staying on track is really important.

Q. How steep is the hill now for this team to climb out of this hole?

BRIAN DABOLL: Can only take one day at a time. So, that's what we'll try to do.

Q. You haven't scored a touchdown offensively in two and a half games almost at this point. What you do you make of that?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, got to do a better job.

Q. Did you get any sense from how QB Daniel Jones was functioning as a quarterback when he was able to function?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, thought he made some good decisions, took care of the ball. We had a couple plays we could have made down the field. We had opportunities on them, just didn't quite capitalize on them. But he battled.

Q. Why do you think the offense's struggles have stretched over really the first five games?

BRIAN DABOLL: I'd say we're not doing a good enough job.

Q. How much of that is on you?

BRIAN DABOLL: It's all on me, I'm the head coach – offense, defense, kicking game.

Q. Do you see better on the practice field? I know it's "just the practice field," but do you see signs where you think this team is going to come out and execute and be on point and it just doesn't happen?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, they work – we do the right stuff during the week, prepare, practice. Just not quite putting together during the game, and give Miami credit – that's a heck of a team.

Q. What are your emotions? Are you frustrated? What are you feeling right now?

BRIAN DABOLL: We got to do better.

Q. Is this the kind of offense...

BRIAN DABOLL: We got to do better.

Q. That was your message to the team?


Q. When you're going against Dolphins, it seemed like even when you played complementary football, you've been stressing that for weeks, you played it. You get the punt pinned, and then two plays...

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, sudden change. Get the first down, get a holding penalty, back us up. A lot of little things. There were some things that had been better, like turnovers on defense, not turning over on offense. But capitalizing when the defense turns it over is something you got to do. I think it was we punted them down there, had an opportunity, got a first down, penalty backed us up. Instead of getting 7 you're getting 3. All those things play into it.

Q. Was there concern there that QB Tyrod Taylor was going to have to come out of the game too?

BRIAN DABOLL: He had the wind knocked out of him. So we were set with the play, with people in there to do it, but then he looked at me and said he was good. He said he needed one and then it was a long break, and then he said was good to go.

Q. Tackling was obviously an issue that you guys made a big deal a few weeks ago. Was this about tackling this week defensively or more just about being a quick enough team?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, well, I mean, they threw a couple, whether it's handed off on sweeps or toss cracks or screens where you just throw them, and you've got to rally to the ball. Those guys did a good job out angling and making a lot of the yards on it.

Q. How you guys handling everything that's been going on lately?

BRIAN DABOLL: Sure. Yeah, look, you don't want to lose. You work extremely hard to put yourself in a good position, so after games it's certainly disappointing with all the effort that you put into it. So 24-hour rule – you get back in, learn from the stuff and then you have to move on. Doesn't wait around for anybody.

Q. How do you keep the frustration from not overshadowing everything, not overpowering everything?

BRIAN DABOLL: You try to build your team from the start of it. We've got a lot of good guys with the right mindset. We're not putting together in terms of results we're looking for, but you go out there and you get ready to play next week. It's certainly disappointing, disappointing to lose, but you go back, you look at the stuff, move on, and that's what you have to do.

Q. In the spring, what made you guys think a guy like OL Joshua Ezeudu or T Matt Peart would be capable enough to handle left tackle behind T Andrew Thomas if that were the case?

BRIAN DABOLL: Yeah, those guys have worked their tails off at practice. They have certain skillset. They've got quick feet. They've got some length, but it takes everybody.

Q. We saw G Justin Pugh at least walk through the room last week. Could he be an option? Would you make changes along the line to try to get better?

BRIAN DABOLL: You take a look at everything after games. We'll see where he is this week. We were just acclimating him last week. Whether he's up, he's not up, I couldn't give you that answer right now.

Q. Is OL Marcus McKethan's injury anything serious?

BRIAN DABOLL: He has a knee right here. Again, I haven't talked to those guys yet.

Q. Did you have a chance to talk to QB Daniel Jones?

BRIAN DABOLL: I just saw him when I came in. He was sitting at his locker. I asked how he was doing, and he said, I'll be OK. That's what he said.
Not sure what he’s expected to say  
Joe Beckwith : 10/8/2023 7:34 pm : link
But a WE NEED TO DO A BETTER JOB ALL AROUND, and a weekly post game multiple player injury update, and walk away would have had more pop than that interview.
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