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Post-Game Transcript: Safety Jason Pinnock

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2023 6:53 pm
Safety Jason Pinnock

Q: I know the loss has to be disheartening from a personal perspective. You get a 102-yard interception return for a touchdown, which ties an all-time franchise record. For a team that had not gotten a takeaway this year, that's got to be pretty spectacular.

JASON PINNOCK: Just trying to do what I can. Play my part. Make plays when we can, get turnovers. But not only turnovers, touchdowns, get some points on the board.

Q: They say they come in bunches. You get three takeaways today. I know it's hard to look ahead, but how infectious can that be?

JASON PINNOCK: Like you said, it comes in bunches, so now we got to keep the momentum. We know what it feel like to get our hands on the ball, get turnovers, punch-outs, and get some momentum going. So hopefully it keeps flowing into week after week after week.

Q: Defensive Coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale talked about the team speed of the Miami Dolphins coming in. When you get them actually on the field, is it much different than what you saw on tape?

JASON PINNOCK: I was with the Jets, so I felt it before. Not Tyreek (Hill), but yeah, it's fast. It's as advertised.
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