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Post-Game Transcript: Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2023 6:55 pm
Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Q: Are you tipping your cap at the end of the day and saying, "Hey, that's as explosive a team as you've seen," or do you say, "Hey, we didn't do enough. We could have done a lot more?"

ADOREE' JACKSON: Could have done a lot more. Some of those explosive - I can't even say that cause one of them we stopped 'em and got a pick-six after that. We had our own mishaps that first drive, for sure. They end up scoring, getting down there early. There's just some play we'd want back. Although we had three actual turnovers, caused four with the fumble, you still want more plays back. So I would tip my hat to them. That's a great team that capitalized on our mistakes, but for us, it's not like one of those tip your hats because their super explosive. You know what I mean? It's like one of those 'Damn, we messed up, but they capitalized,' so tip your hat to that, because you capitalized on our mistakes. But I felt like defensively we were doing a great job playing them, matching up. Just fell short and they extended some plays.

Q: Is that the fastest you've seen now, between WR Tyreek Hill, WR Jaylen Waddle, RB De'Von Achane? We compared it to The Greatest Show on Turf this week.

ADOREE' JACKSON: Oh, the (St. Louis) Rams, that's who you're comparing it to? Well, he's seen it. I respect him for thinking the Rams was The Greatest Show on Turf too. But, yeah, that's probably the most speed that probably any of us playing will probably ever see with two wideouts, two running backs with speed. So I think that's by far the most speed any team will see until something later down the line when I'm 60 or 70, and there's somebody else that's got super speed like that. So I think for a while it's going to be one of those teams you've ever seen in a while with that much speed.

Q: Is it different when you get out there? I know you always think it's fast, but then when you have to, you know like CB Tre Hawkins III seeing it for the first time there, so like what's that probably like for him?

ADOREE' JACKSON: I put that one on me. I shouldn't have had him out there. I was getting something fixed with my equipment. So, I don't know. When you come out during half, you probably expect it. I'm about to be out there, then some (expletive) happens, boom, you got to get in there. And that happened, I don't – it is different. I'm not going to (expletive) and say it's not, but I'll put that one on me.
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