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Transcript: Tight End Darren Waller

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/18/2023 5:28 pm
Tight End Darren Waller

Q. You didn't agree or disagree with the call, or you were just satisfied seeing the call?

A: I mean, I saw what – they were asking me after the game like, 'did you see the clips? Did you see the clip?' I was like, 'dang, why are you asking me if I saw the clip? I just didn't make the play.' Then, I saw there was a lot of contact going on, so yeah, I get why. I looked it, I was like 'man, like I wish it could've gone a different way.' But that's what happened on the field, and it be like that sometimes.

Q. What did you see from the team in that game obviously going up to Buffalo and fighting there the way you did down the stretch?

A: Yeha, a whole lot of fight. I loved the way the offensive line did a lot of good things in clutch moments as far as like breaking holes open for (running back) Saquon (Barkley) to run through, allowing (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor) to make throws. Everybody on offense (inaudible) make some plays to keep drives going. Defensively, guys are flying around. (Inside linebacker) Bobby Okereke is playing out of his mind, as are a lot of guys on defense. They showed up, and they played against one of the best offenses over the past few years, so I saw a lot of good things from a lot of people.

Q. Obviously, injuries are a part of the game, but have you seen anything like what's going on with the offensive line as a unit right now? With guys having to be subbed in so much in your career.

A: No, I haven't. It's very difficult because just to have five guys in there consistently to build that rapport, to build that communication and just that longevity together is difficult enough. I mean, you have so many guys coming in, coming out, trying to learn, playing positions they haven't played before, it's really difficult. You've got a guy like (tackle Joshua) Ezeudu whose prepared the whole season to play like he's a guard and moves to tackle. I don't think the common people can see how difficult of a task that is, but just to see how those guys embrace challenge and (offensive line coach) Bobby (Johnson) as well coaching them. I feel like we're doing a better job handling it.

Q. How close do you think this offense is to working out and showing what it's capable of doing?

A: I feel like we're right there. I feel like we're knocking on the door. It's all about execution when we get down to the redzone like we had opportunities to make plays and to convert and to take advantage of situations. We just haven't been able to do that yet, but as far as moving the ball and getting down there and having opportunities, we're there. We feel like it's only a matter of time.

Q. Will you be at the game tonight?

A: I will be.

Q. How do you feel about the chances going into enemy territory tonight?

A: I'm excited. The Liberty play strong at home, and I know the Aces are down a couple of soldiers, so it's going to be a fight. I'm looking forward to seeing some great basketball.

Q. How exciting is this? It's not every day you get to see your spouse possibly win a professional championship.

A: It's very exciting. I want to see her accomplish everything that she sets out to accomplish. It's cool to just be there and be fan of her, be a husband and support.

Q. It's kind of funny how it worked out. That they're in Brooklyn and you're here.

A: I could see it from a mile away. Just from the talent that's on both teams and to see it come together, I feel like it's great for the league, great for young girls that are watching. Everybody tuning in and seeing how good of a product is on the floor.

Q. Do you feel like the league exploded this year?

A: I feel like it took a step, for sure. Being able to market those two teams, like I said, they kind of built a rivalry out of it and people want to see it. It's a lot of talent on the floor, and it's what people want to see.

Q. Do you get nervous watching her play? She mentioned she gets nervous watching you play. Do you share that?

A: She probably gets nervous watching me get hit and stuff like that because it's a little different when you're a little more invested. I don't really get that nervous watching her. I just love watching her because I see the work that she puts in throughout as far as like trying to be there as a supporter regardless of what the result is, but of course, I want to see her win and I'll be excited.
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