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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/19/2023 6:03 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Q: Are teams playing you differently? Obviously, you were a force last year with sacks, pressures and whatnot. You don't have a sack yet this year. Is that something that bothers you? Is that the result of being played differently? How do you see that?

A: That doesn't quite bother me. What bothers me is the losing obviously. The numbers will come when they come. I'm never stressing over numbers. I affect the game in a lot of ways. I'm going to keep doing that. If the perfect play comes, that's a sack. Everything has to click. So, I'm never stressing over that.

Q: Could one win turn this season around for your football team?

A: I think it'll build more confidence and more morale. Just keep winning, keep believing, things like that. So, I think that's what it'd do for us.

Q: Do you believe the playoffs are still a possibility for this football team?

A: Right now, it's just this Sunday. Sunday will help us get closer to that opportunity, and so that's how we've got to approach it.

Q: When you look at this football team, do you feel like we just haven't seen the best of the Giants yet? Do you feel there's much more to come?

A: We definitely have not hit our peak, but like I said, we do all the right things throughout the week. We just have to keep going and bring it to Sunday.

Q: Are you looking forward to going against (Commanders' center) Nick (Gates)?

A: Yeah, that's my guy. Nick is a good dude.

Q: Do you guys talk to each other during the course of the season?

A: No, I'm not going to talk to him.

Q: I mean over the course of the season.

A: I'm not going to talk to him until after the season (laughs).

Q: Since you've been here this team has said some of its best games against Washington. Anything to that? Is it just a good matchup for you guys?

A: I don't know. I've never paid attention to that for, for real. I can't answer that question.

Q: (Defensive Coordinator) Wink Martindale said that he can feel this defense starting to gel. Do you feel that coming together and how has that played out over the last few weeks?

A: Good. I think a lot of guys on defense just have the same mindset and the want to. Our mindset is just to go kick somebody's butt, for real. Just go out there and play faster, harder, longer than the other team plays, and the results will handle themselves, and just keep believing. They make a big play, it's the NFL. It's going to happen. Go to the next one, and we'll make that stop. Get them down so we've got a place to stand.

Q: Do you still believe in this football team, and if so, why?

A: I do believe because I know the people we have in here. Guys that want to, not selfish, love the game and just kind of fight for each other. That's the most important thing.
I haven't checked  
KeoweeFan : 10/19/2023 6:41 pm : link
but Sexy Dex must have majored on Public Relations at Clemson.
He always says the "right" things.

IMO the NYG have embarked on a multi year journey.
In my field (that included organizational improvement) we cautioned about the inevitable "parachute period"; where the the initial "great gains" were followed by a dip. - and many organizations "parachuted" out of the new system.

I'd recommend staying the Schoen Daboll course.
Nothing is guaranteed, but the smart money is with them.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 10/19/2023 7:17 pm : link
Lawrence is one of the few dudes earning his keep.
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