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Post-Game Transcript: QB Tyrod Taylor

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/22/2023 6:34 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Commanders) Transcripts: QB Tyrod Taylor

October 22, 2023

Q: How did that one feel?

A: It felt good. I mean anytime you can win at home always is big, especially just the way our season has been going. Not being on the winning side of things, we’ve done some good things throughout the season, but haven’t been able to put a full game together and today I think was a true testament to us playing complementary football. Defense, special teams creating plays as well as us doing some things on offense.

Re: offense’s success in the first half today compared to previous weeks

A: It’s an attitude. I think the attitude starts up front. The guys on the offensive line did a great job of run blocking and pass blocking, creating opportunities for us to push the ball downfield and guys made plays. Whether it was contested catches, or run after the catch, they’ve done a great job.

Re: Jalin Hyatt

A: One of the fastest guys on the field, if not the fastest at any given point. So, you get a chance to get him one-on-one down the field, our conversation with him is I’m going to give you a chance. It’s either you or nobody and we’ve seen that even right before the half, gave him a chance down there one-on-one with the safety and he broke up that pass, but obviously we were able to connect on two deep balls down on their sideline.

Q: On that one play, so the safety kind of came down on it and you saw the one-on-one?

A: Yes, yes. They tried to hide the coverage, which they do a great job of disguising, it’s a great defense. They play fast and something that we had seen on tape that we would be able to exploit if we get the opportunity to do so.

Q: What does that you do for your confidence level knowing that you guys have slowed down a few times down in the redzone to actually get to the endzone?

A: It does a lot for us. That’s something that we have struggled at all season, just redzone efficiency. We’ve had a lot of penalties down there, kind of cleaned that up this week, or today, but scoring down there is going to be vital to our success moving forward. We’ve been able to move the ball down the field, but executing in the redzone is big in this league and we have to do that week in and week out.

Q: Would you like to remain the starter next week?

A: That’s up to coach. Obviously, if DJ (quarterback Daniel Jones) is healthy, he’s a captain on our team, captain of our team, a leader on the offense and I am here to support in any way that I can.

Q: What do you attribute your consistency to? How are you able to stay so consistent?

A: Just putting the work in. I think trusting in yourself, trusting your teammates and just week in and week out, whether it’s preparing mentally or physically for the opportunity when it presents itself, just taking advantage of it. I’ve played a number of years, I’ve seen a lot of football, I’ve played a lot of football, just going out there and trusting the guys. Not playing scared, being free, playing free and having fun and I enjoy playing, I enjoy competing. Interceptions, that’s part of the game. Obviously, our goal as a quarterback is to protect the ball and put our offense in the best situation to take the ball down the field and score and protecting the ball is a big key to that.

Q: Is this opportunity to start again in your career, does it feel kind of rejuvenating for you? What’s it been like to work behind the scenes and to get this opportunity and to see success?

A: It’s been fun, just to be out there with the guys. Obviously, quarterback, there is only one that can play per week. Other positions have rotations, whether a guy needs a blow or not, but just staying true to the preparation. Since I got drafted in 2011, I’ve always prepared myself week in and week out as if I was a starter. Whether that was the case or not, my attitude has never changed. It’s motivated me along the way, whether I was number two or number one, but just thankful for the opportunity. More importantly, thankful for the guys competing and playing the way that they did today, and last week as well, too. Overall, it’s just fun to be out there competing.

Q: Do you hope that whether it’s here or somewhere else, that before your career is over you will get another chance to be a starter for an extended period of time?

A: I am firm believer in God’s timing is perfect timing. I can’t focus on the future, or the past. I am a big believer in just staying in the present moment and taking advantage of what’s here. Everything else will take care of itself.

Q: You said it’s up to the coach, but based on these back-to-back performances, do you think you made your case to be the starter?

A: Again, that decision is out of my hands and I’m perfectly fine with how, whatever decision is being made. My mindset, there is no attitude change. I am going to continue to keep leading in the way I lead, preparing in the way that I prepare and staying ready for the opportunity.

Re: his play the last two weeks

A: I think it’s some positives to take away from the film, wasn’t perfect by no means today, or even last week. As well as some may say I played, it wasn’t a winning performance in my mind or on paper either. I critique myself very hard, I think that’s why I am who I am. But yeah, I think there are a lot of positives to take away from it, but there is always room to grow and I’m always looking for it to be better.

Q: Do you think this performance could serve as a breakthrough for the offense?

A: I hope so. There is always turning points in a season. We’ve been obviously on the losing side of things the last couple of weeks. Hopefully this is a spark, not only for the offense, but just for the team. We’ve been in close games, and we just haven’t finished them and today we were able to do so in all three phases, so hopefully this is a turning point.

Re: success throwing deep balls

A: Just trusting the guys. Like I said, we’ve got a ton of talent outside on the edge and guys made plays. They found zones, they won their one-on-one matchups and ultimately upfront those guys gave me enough time to put it down there and let those guys make plays.
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